Sunday, June 21, 2009

To Dad

I love you Dad. This is to the times when:

I tickled you and laughed harder than you did,

I climbed things and scared you silly,

when you "toughened me up,"

you read the Narnia books and Lord of the Rings until your voice was gone and we begged for one more chapter,

you gave me Father's blessings when I had nightmares,

you very calmly told me you loved me and were happy I was safe after I told you I'd wrecked the car,

we played boat, and the day I cried because I was too old to play anymore,

when marshmallows and chocolate chips melted on waffles were a perfectly acceptable breakfast,

when I called you to get insights for my relief society lessons my freshman year of college,

I rolled my eyes as you, once again, told the history of the Scythians,

brown sugar lumps, smuggled past mom, were all I needed to fall asleep,

my little toddler feet dragged down your whiskered cheeks making me giggle,

I knew that just a little prompting for one more story about your childhood could earn me another twenty minutes of staying up,

when "daddy's making dinner" meant all the leftovers in the fridge with cheese melted on top,

you laughed at Calvin and Hobbes until I just had to come read along side you,

the Family Home Evening object lesson with the tacks made me cry,

when I reminded you of your mom,

the smell of the socks left out would help you identify the owner,

I'd fall asleep to the sound of you playing piano and singing songs from Les Mis,

when your cat face freaked me out,

you looked through the glass in the hospital to greet a 10 pound 9 ounce, bald, whale who was Made in Tiawan,

Thanks for being my daddy,
You're the best you know!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Mom is amazing!

Word to the wise: Never, I repeat NEVER, try to plan a wedding with out your mom. It's so much better when you have someone there to freak out about things, go ga ga over cuteness, and generally reassure you that I won't be hungry that day anyway so the food can mess up the world won't end.

Grandpa's advice was KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid!

Bottom line: I love Austin, and I get to be sealed to him for time and all eternity in the most beautiful place on earth. What more could I possibly ask for?

Alex and Jeiiny are two Korean students who are staying with my family and haveing an "American experience." I'm their tutor. I'm in charge of taking them to Youth Conference this weekend. Today we hiked the Y after other group activities and I am officially a sunburnt chili pepper. Good thing I did that today and not 18 days from now! 18 days!!! So much to do and so much to look forward to!

Life is wonderful!

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Fam!

7 out of 9 are in Utah!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Eagle Scout at last!

My brother Skylar earned his Eagle Scout a while ago and he finally had his court of honor last week. This is an article that was published in the Saipan Tribune:
Skylar Brown earns Eagle Scout rank

Skylar Brown has earned the rank of Eagle Scout, and a Court of Honor will be held for him on Wednesday, May 27, starting 7:30pm.
To earn the rank of Eagle, a scout is required to attend campouts, earn merit badges, and demonstrate specific skills that are physically and mentally challenging.
Less than 5 percent of scouts worldwide attain this goal. Before coming to Saipan, the 18-year-old Brown went on a Klondike campout in the snow where he slept in an igloo.
When asked what was his most difficult, challenging, and rewarding experience, Brown said it was his Eagle Scout Project: refurbishing an aqua-culture tank at San Vicente Elementary School, which had been severely damaged by a typhoon.
This required Brown to plan, organize and coordinate many groups of volunteers spending an accumulation of hundreds of service hours. This involved obtaining local merchants for supplies, scraping, cleaning, and painting the facility. SVES intends to use the tank as a hands-on sustainable science lab for the older students to operate. The project took much longer than expected, but was an enriching experience for all and continues to provide a great and useful service to the elementary school.
After earning his Eagle, Brown will continue to be an active scout in Troop 913, by supporting others in their quest for the rank of Eagle. Currently, he serves as Assistant Cub Master for Cub Scout Pack 913.
Brown is the son of Roland and Shauna Brown, and began scouting as Cub Scout at 8 years old where he earned the Arrow of Light, the highest award given to a cub scout. He joined Boy Scouts at 11 years and has been working toward his Eagle advancement for six years. “Once an Eagle, always an Eagle”, and all those who are Eagle Scouts are invited to take their place at the "Eagle's Nest."
The public is invited to attend Brown's Eagle Scout Court of Honor, which will be held in the Cultural hall at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (near McDonald's) on Middle Road.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

One month left!

So I thought it was high time to update and tell a little bit about our adventures in Missouri and Misery.

Austin is in Missouri selling for Linx satellite and doing a fantastic job. His numbers have put him in the top ten of the company nation wide. Talk about a stud! It's been a loooong month. I've been wedding planning and counting the days till he comes back. 26 days!

My family starts coming tomorrow and I couldn't be more thrilled to see them again! It's been almost a year!

It will be good to have mom here. Wedding planning is daunting all by yourself.

For memorial day weekend Austin flew me down to Oklahoma to visit Dustin, Amber, and Corban. They are the cutest little family! Then Austin drove down from Missouri to visit for a few days. It was absolute bliss seeing him again. As I waited for him to get there I was quite literally sweating in anticipation. It's amazing how I could count the actual things we went and did on one hand, but I felt so complete again. I love him!