Saturday, December 26, 2009

Baby Austin and Beautiful Mother

I'll have to blog about Christmas when I get back to Provo, but I had to post this adorable picture of Austin with his mom. Original artwork done by Austin Tyler Fife. :)
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tim Tam Slams!

Today I introduced Austin to the experience of Tim Tam Slams and his life has been changed forever. I decided it's not fair for us to hog all the fun so here is the procedure:

1. Make a cup of hot chocolate.

2. Get your Tim Tam cookies ready.

3. Bite off two corners diagonal from each other.

4. Using your cookie like a straw, stick one end in the chocolate and the other to your mouth and suck like crazy until the cookie is melty and you can't suck anymore through.

5. SLAM the cookie into your mouth before it falls apart in your hand. Glorious.

I guess it is originally an Australian thing, but you can find Tim Tams at Macey's because they are made by Pepperidge Farm. Amazing!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Austin's nap

Well I guess Austin is rubbing off on me, cuz I like shrimp now and I take naps. Austin is king of the 10 minute power nap, I usually just wake up after 20 minutes with a headache wondering "what was I thinking," wishing I'd just waited till bedtime. However, yesterday I took a Sunday afternoon nap with Austin and woke up feeling great! I sat up in shock! One point to Austin. So after my practical final early this morning, I came home and slipped into bed next to Austin and just watched him sleep. I am SO BLESSED! I couldn't even fall back to sleep because I was thinking about how I loved being married to that man drooling all over his pillow. We have a beautiful place to live, the snow is gorgeous, we have rockin' studded snow tires, it's Christmas time, I made and ate fudge yesterday, we have the best friends, we get to be with family in Nauvoo this Christmas, Austin has a great job and works very hard, we are attending BYU, our fridge is full, our rent is paid, our water is hot, I made something cool for Jordan for Christmas, and I'm not sick anymore! So happy Monday everyone, and wish us luck on finals this week!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Austin: Lobster chef extraordinaire!

Mom requested lobster for her birthday dinner, and since no one knew how to prepare it Austin came up with a genius method and they were great!

Austin and Mom enjoyed them the most, closely followed by Alex, a Korean homestay student. Dad passed on shellfish, and I gave mine to mom. I think the boys were more excited by the cool looking shells when they were done eating than the actual meat.

Oh Jay J....

Look how colorful the tails were!
Happy Birthday mom!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving in Cedar

Austin and I drove down to Cedar City to be with my family for Thanksgiving. We had a blast! I was able to hike Angel's Landing with my fam, and Austin was able to get some school work done. Thankgiving day was filled with yummy smells, a lively game of Risk, and a delicious feast. Friday was my mom's birthday and at her request we had a lobster dinner! None of us had a clue how to prepare lobster so Austin jumped in and "spearheaded that project." He turned out to be quite the gourmet! More pictures coming!