Thursday, July 16, 2009


I feel absolutely spoiled! Look where the man of my dreams took me!

Lake Osoyoos in British Columbia, Canada
The warmest lake in Canada--and ironically--the wine capitol of Canada

However, technically the honeymoon started on our wedding night at Johnson Mill in Midway, UT.

It was beautiful! We walked around the grounds the next morning and were blown away!

We spent the rest of that day in Salt Lake City. We ate lunch at the Joseph Smith Memorial building in the Garden Resturant. It was delicious and the veiw of the temple was beautiful.

We were done just in time for the Joseph Smith film shown in that same building. I cried. (of course) ;) We then went to the Salt Lake temple for a session. What an unforgettable experience.
Then it was off to Federal Way for the open house. We s tayed in a the same hotel as my family and had fun swimming in the pool and bonding with the new addition to the family. I think they like Austin more than they like me!!

The open house was wonderful! I called my mom and to ask her when she'd like Austin and I to show up to help out, and she said that we should come in enough time to get dressed and that would be great! I couldn't believe how stress free that day was. Huge thank you to Samantha Fife!!! and all the other hands that made it such a fun night. We were amazed when we got there to find a full meal and cake!

Then we were really on our way! We stopped to go bridge jumping--be still my heart--and to enjoy the scenery. I'm proud to say I jumped twice into that freezing cold mountain run-off water and survived to tell the tale. That bridge must have been 1000 feet high...seriously. There was even a little rope swing down below to Tarzan your way to being a popcicle! :)

We stopped in the cute little town of Cle Elum, Washington. It was the 4th of July! We decided to celebrate our freedom by purchasing a whoppin' $5 worth of fireworks. We were like little kids bouncing in front of the counter with excitment with our five bucks clenched in hand. We grabbed our loot and then realized we didn't have anything to light them with! We laughed pretty hard and then went off the the fireworks show.

It was probably the cutest small town show I've ever seen. You could see a guy in the distance through the dark holding a punk and hand lighting off each one. I was still pretty impressed! My favorite ones are the super crackly ones that split off at the ends. I'm thinking Austin really liked the intense, bright white, bang ones. :D So, we found some kids with a lighter and set off one of our sparklers and attempted to light the other fireworks with that before it went out. It was a blast! (pun intended)

Finally we drove across the border into Canada.

Lush green orchards and vineyards greeted us. The lake was sparkling and the mountains breathtaking.

We pulled into this bed and breakfast:

The host and hostess were the sweetest people. Bob and Phyl. I felt like they were related to us by the time we left. The garden and orchard in the backyard made me want to cry! Our room was perfect and the complimentary cookie jar was probably our favorite part. ;) Okay I take that back, Austin's favorite part was the soft fluffy robes that we opted to eat breakfast in every morning.

I won't give a play by play of every day after but I will highlight some particularly special events.

Let me just say that Osoyoos is probably the worlds best kept secret. I felt like the whole town was catering to us and yet we were the only tourists. The temperature was perfect, though it did rain a little bit. Austin says we got all their entire year quota in two days, but I didn't mind.

We went on a train ride! That was awesome! They even had a banjo player on board.

There she is! The famous Kettle Valley steam engine! It rained a bit for the first half of the ride, but that just gave us extra cuddling privileges. The view was amazing! We could look out over all the valley.

One afternoon when we swam in the lake

there was a double rainbow!!!

This is the beach were we went skim boarding. The board was kind of lame and the beach was a little rocky, but it was really fun! My knees were scraped and full of rocks by the time we were done, but I felt so hardcore! Across from this beach was this beautiful fountain. The lake was calm; perfect for skipping stones and thinking.

On one particularly amazing night we ate dinner at The Sol restuarant in the top floor of the holiday inn. What a romantic place, and then after the sun set and we were tucking in a delicious dinner, Austin pointed out the window and said, "look!" I glanced over and my jaw dropped. A huge beautiful peach of a moon was rising behind the mountains! Gorgeous!

And of course, Austin would never forgive me if I forgot to mention "Rusty's daytime pass!" We spent an afternoon at Rattlesnake canyon. It's a little carnival style amusment park. We drove go karts, climbed the rock wall, went on the rides, and ate ice cream! I totally creamed Austin in the bumber boats. ;)

I've failed to mention a million other things, but that gives you a general idea. We headed back across the border and spent a day with my family before heading to "Missouruh"

We are all moved into our apartment here and couldn't be happier!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Married....back from honeymoon....HAPPY, updates soon!