Thursday, August 13, 2009

My husband left me and went to Colombia...

that sure sounds funny doesn't it! Linx took all the guys down to the city of Colombia for a few days so I'm left to hold down the fort. It's funny when he calls at night to talk and I lie across the same couch that he would relax on when he called me while he was here and I was in Utah. I miss him! He'll be back on Saturday.

I was reading a talk today my K. Richard Young, a man who used to be the Dean of the BYU school of Education. This paragraph particularly stood out to me.

The greatest example of all is the kindness displayed by our Heavenly Father and our Savior, Jesus Christ. Whenever I ponder Their goodness, I envision kind, caring, and nurturing parents. I believe our Father constantly acts with love. Constancy is a characteristic of Deity. Man is variable; Father is constant. Could we have faith in our Heavenly Father if He responded to our needs according to a mood? What if our blessings were contingent not on our behavior or on our Father’s wisdom but on whether He was having a good or bad day? It would be impossible to develop strong, unshakable faith in such a being. But God is constant. We can go to our Heavenly Father in prayer, trusting that He loves us and that He truly understands our needs far better than we do. We know that He will tutor us, guide us, and bless us in His kindly manner according to His knowledge and wisdom. If we desire to guide our children, bless the life of a spouse, or be worthy of a friend’s confidence, we need to display more constant kindness. Then others may have trust in us, similar to the trust and faith we have in our Heavenly Father.

Lately I've been experiencing some pain from a Kidney infection that started as "honeymoonitis" and then got out of hand. Sometimes it just puts me in a bad mood. This was a good reminder that no matter what our mood or situation a little kindness is the best medicine.

--just as a side note it's really fun to say "while my husband is at work." That's right my handsome amazing husband, yeah he is working really hard for our family. :D It's hard to believe I ever have cause to be in a bad mood!

---and as another side note I'm feeling much better, antibiotics work miracles!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

So what's up with us anyway?

Well the newly married Fifes are happy and overwhelmingly in love. The ward is very welcoming, and the bishop called Austin "dude" several times during an interview, so he has been deemed a pretty cool guy. A few Sunday's ago Austin and I spoke in church. Austin's talk was phenomenal as I'm sure you can imagine.

In the opening of my talk I redefined the word stud, describing that

S= Spiritually minded
T= Trustworthy
U=Understands gospel principles and
D=Desires to serve the Lord.

Of course my husband is a total STUD! The funny part about this is that later that week the Bishop's wife called me and asked me to remind her of the acronym for stud because she wanted to use it at girls camp!

(This is our apartment complex. Pretty huh! )

Austin has really been doing well selling since we've come back. Even though he was gone for two weeks, to marry me, he is on the top 15 leader board and is on his way to be on in the top ten before the summer is over. He has been offered a managing position for next year, but we are still debating what the best course of action will be.

The Lord sure has blessed us!

There was one day when Austin's phone accidentally called me and I could hear him walking, knocking, and pitching sales to people. I just couldn't hang up for over 30 minutes because I loved listening to him in action. He had me ready to pull out my credit card to buy satellite and I can't stand TV!

We are excited to start school again soon. It feels like it's been forever since we've been students. What a fun filled summer it's been.

For those who haven't heard yet, my family is moving to Cedar City, UT. It's going to be a challenge for them starting over again, but we are thrilled to have them so much closer. My mom said she had to remind herself that the pioneers had to go to a new place, clear land, pull out stumps, fill swamps, and build their houses; at least we have a clean mosquito free home waiting for us. Mom is flying back from Saipan at this moment after selling stuff/cars, closing accounts, and doing all the other errands that needed to be done on island.

Saipan to Cedar City ;)

Hey there!

Many thanks to Fife Photography! We love the pictures! There were so many that I couldn't possibly upload all of them to our blog or even on facebook, but here are a bunch!

Austin fits in waaay too well!

Mom: my ultimate role model
who looks like a model in this pic!

We love Austin!

The Fife Brothers

Daddy daughter dance, Austin cuts in


Look out world: Austin and Tikla are on the dance floor

I love you Starr!

What would a Fife wedding be with out these crazy guys?

One last group shot before we headed out the door.


What gorgeous lighting! Yay Dusty!



See that handsome man, yeah, he's my husband.

See ya!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

hogar dulce hogar

I don't know why it showed up so dark! It was happy on the camera screen. Just imagine it white, bright, and happy. That's our house!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hey from "Missouruh!"

I'll upload a video tour of our apartment as soon as I figure out how!

This is my adorable spice rack! Isn't it cute!

Austin: putting on his socks while singing to me

Grabbing a few pieces of gum, apparently they help you sell better, and a water bottle. (Note: the dish and direct logos on his shirt)

One more kiss and he is off for the day!

One month anniversary!

This is late, it was the 30th, now it's been a month and 5 days.

In case you can't tell, it says A+T in the frosting on that messy, yummy, ice cream, chocolate goodness. :)