Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Our party house!

We are still amazed at what a great place we found for such a reasonable price. The living room is huge! Here is a half shot of the kitchen with Austin looking like a stud.

The bathroom

Me trying to get a shot of me and the fireplace and bookshelves...guess it turned out to be just me...oh well! We love our place!

Because we decided to be fans this year

He had his Dr. Pepper in hand, popcorn and sour patch kids, I couldn't resist. Though I still think I'm more of a fan; he isn't even wearing BYU blue!

We lost, miserably that game, but by golly we are still fans!

Benjamin and Margaret!

These are the sweethearts I get to watch every morning to help offset the cost of our "mother-in-law" apartment. So each morning around 7 o'clock there comes a little knock at the back door and Benjamin gets handed over asking for "milk? milk?" Then we hang out until margaret comes up in her pajamas and her cute blonde hair sticking up in the back.

yummy breakfast!

and Margaret's awake!

We have definately had our mornings that weren't so fun, but for the most part they are a blast! The other morning we were playing outside:

Margaret: We need to ring the morning lore.
Me: umm okay?
Margaret: do you know what the morning lore is?
Me: I sure don't tell me about it.
Margaret: well it's that chain on the hammock

And the of course playing chess is a hoot.

Margaret: k, don't move any of your ponds until I move my cook.

So for the next while I'll feed them breakfast, change Ben's diapers, read books, and we'll probably ring the morning lore. ;)
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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen: The BEAN GAME!

We were lucky enough to have my family to visit a few weeks ago. When we went to Cedar for Tori's birthday Austin was introduced to the all time best game ever: the bean game. So when they came for my cousin's mission homecoming Austin insisted that they bring it! So they did! It was "accidentally" left behind and we have played it almost every day since they left. I guess Austin wants to get in as much play time as possible before we have to give it back at Thanksgiving. ;)

Jay man on the love sack.

This is probably the best picture ever! Dad with Calvin and Hobbes!

Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm Yours

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Look out Cedar City, Tori's sixteen!

Austin and I made a fun little trip down to Cedar City over the holiday weekend to check out my families new place and celebrate Tori's birthday.

Here is the birthday girl!

Austin and Starr watch her open her gifts

There is Skylar, Alex, mom and dad

Yup that's my daddy!

Skylar and Starr

Reece chillin in the rocking chair

Opening presents!

What a beautiful girl!

I tried to open the bag of tortilla chips and ripped the whole side open...oops!

Sweet Sixteen

We loved the new house, and it was super fun being with the whole family. Austin has been converted to the "bean game," Starr and Sterling's hair is getting way darker, brownies and ice cream are still the best, always make sure you have matches before it's time to sing happy birthday, and beatboxing while playing "signs" makes it infinitely cooler.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hung up

I guess I have a hang up about posting on this blog unless I have pictures. Today I take a stand.

So Austin and I are back in Provo, UT. Happy as clams. School started Monday and so the oh so close to being moved in house has to share priority with school work and running errands.

I LOVE our new place. It's a mother-in-law apartment deal where we have one side of the first floor, and it's HUGE! We have self appointed our place the party house, and are dieing to have our first visitor stay the night. So, if you happen to be passing through and need a comfy futon and big smiles then the Fife residence is at your service.

Austin is the biggest sweetheart ever! Not that I thought otherwise before, but I just keep getting surprised at how wonderful he really is.

Wow, I must be a wife, because I suddenly had an urge to write about what we are having for dinner tonight and how cute my new butter dish is. Yikes, well just in case you were at the edge of your seat we are having baked potatoes and chili with sour cream, cheese and corn on the cob. ;)

Classes are going splendidly I figured out how to arrange my schedule so I can be home in the mornings. In exchange for a screaming deal on rent I babysit in the mornings for Elizabeth and her husband, the homeowners. So some mornings we are exchanging screaming for screaming, but I'm loving it, and it's been such a blessing.

Austin, being the stud he is, has been offered two different manager positions for two different door to door sales companies. He is listing pros and cons until he has a headache, drinks a Dr. Pepper and then starts all over again. :D that's a slight exaggeration, but we will for sure know on Saturday what our plans are.

Quote for the day:

"Not all time is created equal" --I can't remember who