Saturday, April 17, 2010


We are wrapping up another school year with a big beautiful bow-aka a trip to Seattle.  I'm so excited to see Austin's fam again and hang out with Shawnie. 

Then off to IOWA for the summer.  I've been going to Admin training and getting really excited to be the office "mom." 

Oh BIG success for Tikla: I went to Ross and found a super awesome dress for 60 cents.  The zipper was broken and it was too big so it was way on sale.  So I bought the project and actually made it work!  I've decided to wear it to Nick and Melanie's wedding reception. I'll have to post a picture of it. I'm so grateful for my sewing machine: Thanks mommy Fife! 

Only four finals left!  One just a presentation of my Landscape Design, so technically I've already finished that one. 

I'm blogging because my brain needed a break from the history of interior design.  Though just in case you want to know, Victorian houses have round fireplaces, Greek ionic columns represent a woman turned to stone, and Frank Gehry is a genius of deconstructive design. I keep getting Chippendale and Queen Anne mixed up though so I'd better get back to the books. 

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

water + dirt = mud!

So I made the realization yesterday that I work just as many hours as Austin.  Sure he makes more money than I do, but we both go to school full time and work part time.  And all this time I've been feeling guilty every time I ask him to make his own lunch!  Oh Tikla.  Maybe now I'll let my very helpful guy take out the trash instead of sneaking it out when he's not looking. 

Now for a report on mornings with the Sewell kids.  Today started out normally.  Hit snooze three times--6:45, 6:55, 7:00.  Scriptures.  open the door that separates our territory just a crack, grab a blankey and zonk out again on the couch.  Routinely, 5 seconds after I close my eyes, Margaret waltzes in and pokes me, "Sister Fife, I'm bored."  Then the party begins.  The ham and cheese scrambled eggs were a hit.  Once the play dough was out, and dolphins, bananas, and snakes were created, it seemed like it would be a peaceful morning.  

Benjamin had other plans.  He chucked his play dough "worm" across the room at Margaret, dumped his blocks out, slammed the door, ran outside, grabbed two large sticks, ran back inside and declared war on Margaret with his double swords.  I swear all I did was blink.  Sticks are outside toys--as I reminded Benji--so after picking up the launched toys, practicing proper door closing, and giving hugs to his sister, his shoe shod feet were tramping outside. 

Then mud happened.  Lots of it. 

I guess it wasn't the best day for a dinosaur dig.  Why did I wear white pants today?  ;)  So the muddy archeologists headed inside.  I cornered them before they could escape, in order to quarantined the shoes and pants that threatened the kitchen floor.  Ben took the opportunity to strip down to nothing and run giggling around the house.  I'd only just caught up to the little nudist when Gideon (their full sized black poodle) ran off through the doggy door with his diaper.  Oh dear. 

I'm sure all you mothers are laughing at the insignificance of my experience.  I know, I know I haven't seen anything yet.  How I ever managed to babysit 6 of my siblings when I was 11 years old, I'll never know. 

Monday, April 5, 2010