Thursday, May 13, 2010

Skylar, my brother and....

future missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Until then he is here in Iowa with us this summer to sell with Austin.  Today is his first day! 

Right now Linx is doing a company wide competition called Tour De Linx.  Each day there is a winner and in the end the office with the most sales wins.  We won Monday and have high hopes for today!   :) 

Rich and Kip arrived today too.  Rich and Samantha, the biggest sweetheart ever, are brother and sister.  They both seem ready to sell.  It should be a very successful summer!  Anyone who wants Dish or Direct TV let us know!  :D  I've heard the trainings so many times I'm tempted to go knock some doors myself! 

Monday, May 10, 2010

Fields of Opportunities

So we are all settled into our Iowa apartment. 

Bad news:  the airconditioner in our car was broken on the trek across the country.
Good news: It was cloudy and cold the first day, and we got it fixed on Wednesday.
Bad news: I yanked my back out while lifting heavy equipment boxes.
Good news: The Fed ex guy has my number now so he can help me lift them into the garage.  
Bad news: I stink at golf
Good news: Austin rocks!  and we live right on a cheap golf course.
Bad news: We don't have a microwave.
Good news: Samantha, the biggest sweetheart ever, found us one on Freecycle.
Bad news: We have coin laundry...
Good news...yeah there isn't really an upside to that one...oh wait!  Samantha, the biggest sweetheart ever, let us bring two huge loads over yesterday!

Now all the rest is happy stuff so here is the update:

Iowa is gorgeous!  I'm really surprised by how green everything is.  It's not too hot and not too cold, not to humid and not too dry.  True there are tornadoes every once and a while, but I have Austin to protect me.

Austin is 23!  We had a mini birthday bash with the sales reps and strawberry ice cream.  We went to the driving range, relaxed, and watched a movie.  Then Linx gave him a birthday dinner.  We went to Ruby Tuesday and got whatever we wanted!  That is probably one of Austin's very favorite things.  Going out to eat and not having to pay for it.  :D 

We are both super busy!  It is so much more fun being busy than bored though.  So far all the sales reps are doing really well.  Austin is such a great manager.  They all really respect him.  I love coming to their correlation meetings just to watch him give the daily training. 

Jordan and Samantha are only 10 minutes away!!  At least for another week or so.  We get to attend Heidi's sealing!  How special is that!  We hope we can manage to make it to Jordan's graduation too, but that one isn't for sure.  We hung out at their place yesterday and Samantha, the biggest sweetheart ever, made Austin a cake that looked like a can of Dr Pepper!  I wish we had snapped a picture of it.  She did this on mothers day no less!  I guess mothers just don't stop serving no matter what.

Skylar is coming tomorrow to join the office and I couldn't be more psyched. He is the best, not to mention he is bringing us back the Geo Prism that has the other half of our stuff in it.  ;)

Austin hasn't had a hair cut for a while and his curls are lookin' good! The haircutting clippers are just one of the much anticipated items in the Geo. 

I have colorful sticky notes and a big white daisy for my desk. 

Over and out