Friday, June 25, 2010

I cut my own hair!

 I'm thinking I should pay myself $14 or so.  It didn't turn out half bad.  I still need to do something with my "almost growing out not quite there yet" bangs, but I am pretty darn thrilled with my success!

The face he saves for the camera... :D

That's my man!  He is often found in this position at the computer researching areas of Iowa where his sales reps will be most successful.  He is such a hard worker.  Not shocking, he is a Fife, but I sure appreciate him.  For Linx summer sales our office is leading the company!  Plus Austin is in the top 10 for sales this year.  Woohooo! 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

"5 kids home and the house feels empty!"

So my mom is amazing. She has seven of her own kids, but has raised so many others. Even before I turned 7 she had foreign exchange teenagers who needed her mothering. Since then she has created a home for Alex, Jasmine, Seami, Jenny, Alex Kim, Daniel, a whole SAEF school of children, and others I'm forgetting. Now she takes care of two other children while their mom is at work, is a guardian for Alex, Katharine, Tim, and Lemon (by far the best "American name" a kid has come up with so far). Next year she will be taking in Anitia the daughter of our best friends in Korea for her senior year. Good grief mom! How many lives have you touched in the loving confines of your own home. Somehow despite the chaos of situations, in my memories of home order reigns and love presides.

Thanks mom for a home where you and dad are madly in love, and everyone finds acceptance.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


A word of advice.  If you ever move or need a bunch of cardboard boxes, find a satellite retailer.  I guarantee they will have stacks and stacks of boxes.  If you catch them at 6 in the morning they might not even have flattened them yet, and then they are saved the trouble of squishing them into the already overflowing "cardboard only" dumpster. ;)

A morning in the life of a Linx office admin:

5AM: I pop out of bed.  Usually I'm up just before the alarm goes off.  Sleeping-in is a disaster I will never EVER repeat.  I print, staple, and paperclip the install contracts for the day, and grab a piece of toast to munch on while the printer launches out the paper.  After updating the schedule and updating the transfer log I load up my box with the barcode scanner, my phone, the paperwork and laptop and head down to the garage.  If life were a movie their would be a little sparkle twinkling as the garage door opens.  All the small parts are in little labeled shelves I made out of extra cardboard and the receivers are in neat little stacks.  I'm actually quite proud of my garage.  Yeah, I spend way too much time organizing it.... then I make three cute little stacks of equipment for the installers with their paperwork on top--special notes highlighted in pink. ;)
7AM: Installers come to pick up equipment,  Larry swears up an Iowa storm about ol' Wade Sniffins who followed him around during his whole install yesterday, Eric laughs about the customer who had an old dish set up on a lawn mower, and David looks over his stack meticulously to make sure not a single bolt kit is missing.  They order small parts, check in yesterday's contracts, and turn in the stuff they didn't use the day before.  I tromp back up the stairs to the office/our apartment and scan in the install contracts, update inventory, and study my scriptures.
8:30AM: quietly slip back into the covers, not to wake the slumbering manager.
8:35AM: my phone rings...

I've learned something about myself this summer.  I'm a workaholic.  Who knew!  I guess that is an exaggeration, but I do value a job well done.  Being "on call" nearly all the time is working for the summer, but when my job doesn't tell me when to stop working, I forget to...;)

It's not entirely a bad thing though.  We live in a world of "make $3,000 a day sitting at home! Click to see how this mom does it."  Why are we so scared to work hard?  Doesn't it feel better to have earned what we receive?  Okay I'm off the soap box now.

My Dad

A man who loves his wife perfectly.

makes EVERYTHING more fun

Teaches correct principles

Is super smart! ;)

Shows love.




I love you Dad!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Called to Serve

Skylar has been called to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His initial assignment is to serve in the Johannesburg South Africa mission speaking English, unless otherwise instructed by his mission president.

WOOOHOOO!!! Last night the fam gathered around the webcam and opened his call. Before looking at it themselves they held it up for Skylar to read out loud.

What a special time!

Love you Skylar!