Saturday, January 30, 2010

Yup, he's an econ minor

Austin and I were going to watch a movie Saturday night and I volunteered to pop the popcorn. He usually is in charge of the popping so I interrupted his calculus homework to ask how long he puts it in the microwave for. He said two in a half to three minutes. There was a pause and then he busted up laughing. Once he regained his composer, he told me that he had been thinking that when he was a kid it took 3 minutes but it must be higher now because of inflation.

Oh dear....

Friday, January 22, 2010

Christmas in Nauvoo

What a blessing to have two amazing professional photographers in the family

check them out! FifePhotography

New Years!

Someone in my family got a flag football set for Christmas, so of course we had to try it out.

Here is Austin setting down the rules

Check out that slide! Terrific fail at getting Skylar's flag, but sliding in the snow!


Reece with some pretty awesome form

Starr--isn't she the cutest!

I'm pretty sure he caught that one.

The Everett's sent my parents a gift card to Applebee's so they took all of us. Thank you!!!

My good lookin' parents

My smiles too big but there we are enjoying ourselves. ;)

Leaving for home...well we left for home, but then broke down in Beaver and had to come back for a day. Thanks family, for an awesome New Years!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Incriminating evidence against Austin's brothers

Takin a break...

I should be finishing a paper right now, but there is a funny tapping sound going on in the wall of the computer lab, and I can't focus. It's time for an update anyway. So far Austin and I are loving "being busy." We might be getting another car really soon! That's exciting! I'm hoping that Austin will let me keep "Nader" (our awesome Geo Prism with purple tinted windows,) as MY car and he can have the new one.

We had a wonderful surprise visit from Samantha and her girls! Can I just say Samantha is such a great mom. Her girls are so lucky! We spent those couple days trying to fight over how much we would let her spoil us and trying to convince her to eat our food. ;) To no avail. We were spoiled and she ate very little of our food. Love you! Come back soon!

We are going to visit my family again this weekend because Gram Gram is in town! I really must dedicate this paragraph to my amazing grandmother. Fondly known as Gwamy, she is the queen of bedtime stories about the adventures of Harry Smeary and George. Spanish words slip out often bringing us the "It's drinking agua time" song. She has "boingy" curls, a beautiful opera voice, wears her "red clothes" and loves her mayo. She has magical powers that turn objectionable leftovers into "something from the snack tray?" Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm really just scratching the surface. And on a more serious note, she is loving, genuine, down-to-earth, sympathetic, beautiful, sincere, cheerful, innovative, appreciative, resourceful, spiritual, hardworking, and you just can't help but want to be more like her. I can't wait to see her.

Observations from this week:

Canned carrots are just yucky
Chicken artichoke pizza is still a favorite
There are no accidents
The ability to work is a blessing
Landscape design is da BOMB
I have the cutest nieces in the world
Big bruises heal
Austin and I like each others music but we can only take it for so long; we take turns
Candles are still wonderful
Making sandwiches too quickly causes mayo covered floors
apparently we are "clean car people"
Family is the best
We always have a Lamanite Problem
Money isn't smart when left alone, it needs someone to tell it what to do so it doesn't get into trouble
peanut butter should be it's own food group
we have no right to judge anyone

and that is that.

Friday, January 8, 2010

My almost Lawyer

At this moment Austin is at the law office of Dexter and Dexter for the first day of his law internship. Can you believe we will be off to law school in a little over a year! I'm taking a class this semester called Family and the Law. I'm super psyched about it. Perhaps this will help prepare me for when Austin will come home and start spouting of Law jargon. I'll have a clue what he is talking about!

This is going to be an intense semester. Austin is working part time with Linx, taking this internship, a full load of classes, and just to liven things up he added calculus! I'm taking 17 credits and keeping up with babysitting the Sewell kids. Benjamin was so cute this morning holding his Clementine orange slice in his little fist close to his face, squinting his eyes and saying, "tiny owange."

Austin and I are reading the Narnia series. When I was in 5th grade I bought the set with my psudo school dollars at an auction. Dad read them to us each night. When we visited my family for New Years I stole them back and Austin is repenting of the iniquitous crime of never having read them.