Thursday, September 30, 2010


Why do I do the things I do?

I've been thinking lately about this.  For example, when I clean up my house before guests come over.  Am I cleaning because I am convinced that if the space is organized my friends will be more comfortable?  Or do I clean because I want people to think that this is the way my home always looks, and pin a gold star on me?  This is troubling; I'd like to think I'm a selfless person, but I worry that at times I do things for the wrong reasons.  Perhaps the view of my messy living room might be exactly what someone needs to see. 

Last April, Austin and I left some of our things with friends in the ward for safe keeping until we returned.  I borrowed some adorable tiny bread pans and baked banana bread for each person who was helping us out.  After they had been wrapped in cellophane and tied with bows we left them behind and they were never delievered.  I was disappointed.  Why?  Was it because I knew that the treat would brighten their day?  Or maybe I just wanted them to think I was domestic and cute for my action. 

I'm convinced that the people we love to be around the most are those who genuinely care for our well being.  I resolve to be less worried about other's perception of me, and more concerned with my relationship with "others."  The interesting thing about my goal, is not much of my behavior will change.  I'll still vacuum up the paper scraps before Sunday dinner, but my motivation will be different. 

Oh, pride, will I ever evade you?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


The way night time sounds so quiet, and yet it's filled with noises, the way it feels when Austin runs his fingers through my hair, the way grapes pop in your mouth and splash juices on your tongue.

I love simple things. 

Tonight I was on campus.  There were very few people left and I decided to pay a visit to my favorite spot.  It's probably the ugliest place, but nonetheless my favorite.  In the Joseph Smith Building there are a couple staircases.  There is a pretty one cased in glass windows that can be seen from the outside, and then there is a cement stairwell next to the elevator.  There are rarely people here because it's so unsightly and the elevators make way more sense.  Little do people know, when no one else is there, a certain someone named Tikla whistles to herself and listens to the incredible acoustics.  The echo is so vibrant that you can harmonize with your own voice. 

I stayed until my cheeks were worn out from whistling.
I've decided to stop letting time compete for my attention.  Time and I are going to get along. 

Friday, September 24, 2010

The most amazing HIKE ever!

 Almost the entire hike is through water!
 Kissing on a rock.  Awwww!
 Penny Slot canyon!

 There were natural slides carved out by the water falls.  Very cold water, but I was sooo brave! ;)
 The red sand made perfect ammunition.


 stealing a kiss. 
yup you caught us!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

picnickin' and happin'in'

Fleeting moments,
Fervent prayers,
Fragrant blooms,
Family adventures,
and Fading time.

Five "F"s for the Fife's today.

Question worth pondering: What is piety? Socrates can't seem to nail it down.

Goal for the week: Make our bed every morning. 

Request: Please pray for Ethan Fife, our darling Nephew who is in the hospital with Spinal Meningitis.

This weekend:

we rode the motorcycle up squaw peak and watched the para-gliders jump off the mountain. 

Dad Fife came to visit!! 
first picnic with the infamous watermelon basket

and what day would be complete without a round of "the Bean Game"

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

my best friends

The original pile picture

plus one more person!!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Where have you been!

And stop, gasp for breath. 

so picking up where we left off...primary.

This was histerical.  I told the boys to flex and and Ridley decided to show off his six pack. 

and the girls. ;D

At the very end of our stay in lovely Iowa, Shawnie came! 
In the midst of boring packing and cleaning we squeezed in a Kernels baseball game, swimming, icecream, and girl talk.

We had front row seats, right behind homebase. Shawnie kept us entertained by screaming out her undieing love for each batter, and for the mastcot...Mr Shucks.

There he is in all his Kernel glory.  Shawn's new boyfriend, Mr. Shucks.

The long drive was well worth the joy of rolling back into Provo.  We've really missed this little city.

First order of buisness was unpacking, second was DUECKS!!!

Melanie made that darling necklace she is wearing. 

I'm back to babysitting this little munchkins in the mornings.  (side note) those grapes Margaret is holding came from our backyard!  How "sweet" is that!!

We picked up mom and Skylar from the airport.  They had been visiting Portland. Just before we slipped on down to Cedar City we had lunch with the Smiths!  Madison is starting school here and Taylor is already here. 

Once we were in Cedar we went to Austin's first ever parade, the greatest hike ever, and recreated the "pile photo."  pictures coming soon.