Thursday, December 15, 2011

David Archuleta

Perhaps you remember this post, when I alluded to the fact that Tori is a pretty die hard Archie fan?  Well what I failed to mention, I was there biting my nails and crossing my fingers right along with her during the final moments of the only American idol series I ever followed completely.
So when this talented guy came to Cedar and the concert happened to coincide with Starr and Sterling's birthday,  we bought tickets.  Under the guise that it was for Starr of course ...lies, we wanted to go more than she did.

 Much to my dismay, when we got home I realized my camera had the audio disabled the whole show.  darn!  At least you get to see his cute performing skills from the SECOND ROW!
 I have a whole bunch of short clips, and then he starts coming really close to our seats and I think to myself, Why am I recording this!?!?  I could be watching the real thing! then the clip ends.  :)  Did I mention we were on the second row?

He bore testimony during the second set of the Savior's birth through his music.   I cried. 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Antoroth, mom, food, and garage...if you think of a witty blogpost title that includes those things, let me know.

 This may very well be my favorite picture from the whole trip.  Imagine thought bubbles...

A: I'm so happy!  This is Jay my best buddy, and we are playing Risk! skipadeedoo!
J: Don't touch me weirdo. 

This is Sterling's classic "why is this camera in my face" face.  Some how he is still stinkin' adorable. 

Now I need you all to summon your inner nerd for a moment.  Here we have Reece.  Captain of his football team, star actor, and all around stud muffin; creating a clay model of his self imagined world "Antoroth."  May I add, he whipped up that batch of play dough himself, dyed it different colors, drew the country lines with a complicated grid system to perfectly mimic his original artwork, and modeled the whole thing.  If it wasn't so intensely creative, I would have been making fun of him the whole trip. 

Now, the reason we came in the first place:


blew my mind.

This is the new house!  (totally cozy, spiffed up little place)

Starr made everyone little name tags. I think this one was my favorite.

 The fam bam.  Though I mostly posted this one for Tori's face.  I <3 her face.

Speaking of faces I love.  Isn't she lovely!  Pretty sure she is supposed to be hitting an awkward phase right now...nope I don't see it.  Anyone? 

I was burnt out on "Nerts" so Austin taught everyone a new one, "13."  Big hit. For more information on how to play contact Austin Tyler Fife, current champion and forever ruler of my heart.


The Birthday Girl!

Beauty Mommy!

Austin and I couldn't stay for her birthday, so we celebrated early.  Our first gift was to turn this:

 Into this:

Moving is still hard even after 20 practice houses.  I think they just might be here to stay.
(knock on wood quick!)

The next part of the gift was the "mom spa."  This package includes:

Foot massage
Hair played with
hand rub
roses presented by Sterling
two Brown kids original song arrangements sung while you are being pampered. 
private candle lit bath

...she cried.  I'm guessing she liked it?

You are loved mom, even if we don't show it this well very often. 

I adore the feeling in this picture from the boys particularly.  they look so completely involved in making mom feel happy. 

So long famaree!  See you again soon!

Friday, November 18, 2011


Oh the intrigue, the suspense, The AWESOMENESS! 

So remember this little baby?

It pretty much rocked!  Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present Valerie Eisenhoover First Lady of the United States of America. 

Here's the murder scene...

This was my first time acting in an audience-interactive show and I loved it!  The most interesting thing was watching people's reaction to acting up close. 

My character was a tad emotional most of the show, so getting teary and running off to the bathroom may have happened a couple times.  Usually, when you cry in front of someone, they are super uncomfy or try to console you. 

In this sitch they looked up at me with entertained, impressed, having a good time faces.  That was new.  :)

My favorite memories from the show:

-Dad laughing before during and after all the jokes in Erma Chelse's speech
-The one horned cow stalking the Spring Haven grounds, and "the president"s attempt to shoo it
-away with a folding chair. 
-The love square
-Murder in the dark until 3 in the morning.
-The bell
-Secretary of Defense Irving giving Erma mouth to mouth for real
-the excuse to wear false eyelashes
-The Germans
-Knowing the death scene was coming and being so distracted I didn't let Reece lead the dance in the ballroom.
-Grandpa loudly accusing me of being the murder during the final interrogation scene.
-Austin gushing about how hot the President's wife is. 

Is it weird that I get such a kick out of performing?

When Austin called last night after the cast party I said,

K, so, love?  I may or may not have just tried out for something else...

(he is still me or with me I still don't know...)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


 "Every Little Step" was the best performance of the night and they were sent home???


You can see the other groups freaking out in the background because they are so good!

It took me a bit to get over it last night. :) I reminded myself of Tori when David Archuleta didn't win American Idol. :D

Sure this one wasn't their best performance ever, but yeesh I still thought they were top three for sure!

You can tell Jake is struggling with emotion on this one so the pitch is wavering.
I'm glad however that they did what they came to do. They shared uplifting music and positive attitudes.

And that marks the end of my Sing Off obsession.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thursday, November 3, 2011

They are BACK!!!

So, I don't watch TV, like ever.  But guys, this show is AWESOME!  Are vocal point is ADORABLE.  Maybe it would be better if they just got eliminated;

I think Austin might be getting jealous. 

Oh yeah, we got a car!  Huge, green, and good natured; loves watching musicals and taking long walks on the beach.  Our "little (or not so little) Trooper." 

Now it's my turn to be jealous.  :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"Do you pop out at parties?"

Halloween.  K, so I can't help myself.  I have to do a little've got yourself a Halloween Grinch.  I didn't think much about this ghastly holiday until I had to explain it to a foreigner. We are really weird and creepy for celebrating Halloween!  speaking of scary.  It was bad enough when it was witches and blood, but now it's getting all yucky sexy too. 

Luckily there is a cute, creative side to Halloween.  It's true, without it I wouldn't have been able to straighten Austin's hair and turn him into Bieber:

Not to mention spooning out some vitameatavegamin in honor of Lucille Ball:

So, just for now I'll put up with the zombies, slime, and awful fake injuries. 

I can't post about Halloween without giving a shout out to the Brown family creative costumes of the past.  Alice and wonderland? oh yes the entire family.  Winnie the Pooh?  yup the was us too.  Not to mention Rubix cube, palm tree, book, oven, piano....wait a minute

Those were all Skylar.  Aha, so I've found the reason for our crazy creative costumes.  The three-year-old Skylar who told mom he wanted to be a lemon for Halloween.  I can still remember stuffing his yellow costume with newspaper so it would plump out like a lemon.  Miss that guy.

Friday, October 28, 2011

You Know You're a BYU fan when... go on a cruise to Mexico, and then spend your day ashore in an internet cafe watching the Cougars swallow Idaho. 

It was a cute little cafe too, hot chocolate all round. 

We redeemed ourselves from our embarrassing shuffleboard performance last cruise, and actually stayed in a couple rounds.  I might even have been the MVP.  serious improvement folks, let me tell you, the disks actually stayed on the boat this time. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

missing you...

I cried.  A lot.  Ben's dad died, what a special way to reverence the grief of losing a loved one, while also sharing hope in the knowledge that death is not the end. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Little Prince

So, you know how mommy's get to share the cute little things their kids say.  Well, I know three-year-old B isn't mine, but he says the cutest things.  Here's a gem from the other day.

B: Sister Fife, pretend you are a "gril" (girl) and I'm a prince and we are dancing.
me: (sigh) okay!

That's when this happened:
Midway through:
B: Pretend we are in a movie called, how to dance with princes.
(breaks away for a moment to somersault on the floor)
B: That was a back flip. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pretty sweet red shoes! :)

I'm like a proud little mamma right now.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

On the Street Where you Live

If you have never seen a show at the Hale Center Theater you are missing out!  Big thank you to mom for the birthday gift that keeps giving ("wouldn't it be loverly" keeps floating around in the kitchen and car.) 

We saw "My Fair Lady" and LOVED IT!  Everything at the Hale is performed "in the round."  All the set pieces and sometimes people are dropped down or come up through the floor because the audience surrounds the stage. 

While we are talking about "My Fair Lady,"  I do want to say, this show has always bugged me just a bit. 

I mean come on, she goes back to the rude grouch who treats her like dirt and then THE END are you kidding me!

Audry Hepburn is exquisite in the movie, Julie Andrews knocked everyone's socks off during the Broadway debut and the actress at the Hale playing the role of Eliza was very talented.  But what impressed me most about the Hale production was the infamous "just you wait" Professor Higgins.

Granted he was still a total jerk most of the time, but he made the most of the moments afforded him.  After headaches and late nights, when Eliza has yet to say "The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain" correctly, he takes her hand as he expresses his acceptance of their fatigue.  When Eliza emerges in her stunning gown and Pickering is all a gasp, he took the time to look at her in stunned admiration before proclaiming the baggage, "not bad."  And the best part, the last line of the play:

  *puts hat over eyes lazily* "Where the devil are my slippers."

Usually this line is spoken with indifference as though Eliza may expect the exact treatment she'd received before.  However, on Monday night those words were said with a sheepish smile returned with a knowing one.  He, knowing after being caught listening to the recording of her voice and elusively begging her back, would not be able to get away with that sort of talk any longer. 


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Don't Play With Your Food

 On Guard!

At dinner the other night, I told Austin about a stat I read.  Apparently adult behavior improves dramatically when their children become toddlers.  I believe it.  When I'm babysitting, I am a mouth closed chewer, feet off the table sitter, and please and thank you sayer. 

After a long discussion about whether or not Austin would be able to lean back in his chair after little ones come along, we found ourselves sword fighting with our carrots....

 Here we have Escarrotable vs. Escarroble. 

Ha, I'm cracking up at how serious these pictures look.  Pretty artsy for a chewed up carrot wouldn't you say? 

Why do I have the feeling this won't change once we have kids... ah well.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

First comes love, then comes marriage...

Nope, no baby in a baby carriage yet.

However, I did get the chance to play mommy for the past three days to 3-year-old B and 6-year-old M.

I was reminded of a few things:

Their mommy works for the Law School promoting religious freedom in other countries; she had a conference this week.  Here's a lady who is pretty much awesome.  This morning she nonchalantly referenced a task she had for the day.

Apparently a member of congress in Samoa is a member of the church and good friends with the President of Indonesia.  There was a law passed in Indonesia recently that causes problems for the church and many other advocates of religious freedom.  The task?  She is supposed to put together some points of argument for Samoa friend to take up with President of Indonesia.  I'm pretty sure I mumbled something intelligent,

uh, wow, that's like super  

She responded, gesturing to B, "well I'd rather be home with my children, but it is nice to know that what I'm doing is making a difference."
She'd rather be home.
Home. with her kids. in the place radical feminists call oppressive, tedious, and worthless.

Reminder #1

"The greatest work you will ever do will be within the walls of your own home." -Harold B Lee

At one point during my watch, M decided she wanted to play our Wii instead of doing her spelling words.  When I assured her than under no conditions would that be happening she tried to knock our house down with her heels.  She was banished from the living room, amid shrieks of "your so mean!" and "I never get anything I want!"  Five minutes later I tiptoed downstairs to her fortress to check the damage.  The little bookworm was nestled in a corner with "Richard Scary's Peasant Pig and the Terrible Dragon, with lowly worm the jolly jester."  I deemed it safe to make my presence known:
We are going to pick up Brother Fife from work are you ready to come?

To my astonishment the answer came:
Sure. do we get to see his office? Can I show him my new hairdo? 

Reminder #2

Mosiah 3:19 ...becometh as a jchildksubmissive, meek, humble, patient, full of love, willing to submit to all things which the Lord seeth fit to inflict upon him, even as a child doth submit to his father.

Children are quick to forgive.  They don't hold grudges or hate you forever for setting boundaries and rules.  Later that day, this page was slipped under my door. 

M is in Spanish immersion right now.  According to Austin, "Me gusta herman Fife." Translates a little too passionately in Spanish, but I felt the love. 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

So romantic!

We have a fireplace.  So cute, I know.  However, it seemed like last year every time we used it the carpet smelled like smoke and I couldn't breath.  Even though the ambiance was almost worth it, I opted for this option. 

(sigh)  Candles from DI have never looked so good!

Taylor inspired me, check her super cute blog out! 

Friday, October 7, 2011

What can I say, I'm a fan!

I have to agree with Sara Bareilles, "I'm swooning." 

Monday, October 3, 2011


I showed Pinterest to Austin.

A: "wow... so you find cute stuff, are there any men on here?"  *doubtful glance*

T: "Yes!  A man started following me yesterday."

A: "That doesn't sound right."

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Not so secret service

As you probably know, I babysit for our landlord/friend next door. Her kitchen has this great island in the middle of it, and four little white leatherette bar stools. But something happened...

KIDS happened, that's what. and now the lovely things look like this:

Soooooo, with a little help from the two culprits we transformed them to this!

I've decided I will never be able to do sewing tutorials because I pretty much slop things together and hope no one looks at the "ugly side."  So just in case you were excited to learn how to make these babies, Go fish! cuz I'm pretty sure I did each one differently. 

Its just fabric, elastic, and a sewing machine.  If I were patient they'd be reversible, but alas.  I'm not.

You can kind of see what's going on underneath in this picture:

 Oh ho!  I know what you're thinking what do we do when that lovely white becomes pb&j artwork? Well, you're not gonna believe this, you slip them off and "trow them in the wash, it'll be grand!" 

I wrote this post forever ago about motivation.

I had a moment today that made me think, hey maybe I'm not doing so bad after all

Here's the moment. I wished there were a way to blame someone else for vamping up these stools, and not because I'm ashamed of my handiwork--I think they turned out pretty snazzy--but because this wasn't about me looking awesome.  It was about doing something nice for someone else, 'cuz that feels good. 

Though now that I think about it, here I am posting about this on my blog... I guess I'm still prideful.  (sigh)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The lamest arm bar I've ever seen

Meet Brian.

Basketball player, handstand on a chair master, Nike shoe obssesser, any team that is playing BYU fan, and EFY buddy of...

This guy.

This is them, back in the day.  I believe this picture was captioned, "straight up thugs in AZ."


These two heartbreakers are growed up now, and Brian paid us a visit to beat up Austin.

So, maybe I was just kidding about the all grown up part. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Just in case you missed it

The annual General Relief Society Meeting for the church was held on Saturday night.  I just watched the whole thing here

Wow, was that ever inspiring.  

I laughed so hard at Elder Uchtdorf's "hand-stitched pot holders" comment.  Why does that remind me of me?  (shakes head in exasperation)

I found this darling little visual of the five points from his "forget me not" talk. 


Saturday, September 24, 2011

eh jokes!

So this is Saipan.

I lived there. 

Here is proof.

Indulge me for a moment while I walk down memory lane.

This is the place I learned how to be myself. 

So many memories of seminary, dances, beach parties, judo, girls camp, youth conference, creative dates, and the music

Once you've lived in Saipan you are part of the club.
I once hear it referred to as "the gathering."
I love this photo (below), I remember the group at Wave Jungle hanging on to those tubes for dear life around the lazy river.  Somehow it seemed symbolic.  We had to stick together.  

Here are the perks of the Saipan club:

You get to memorize a spiel that goes something like this, "Oh, it's a 5x12 mile island over by Guam, kinda like a mini Hawaii."
You get to use phrases and words like, spotting, on the air con, plenty, par, etc.
and here is the best part. 
The new family members, this means when you leave there have to be...

I didn't realize how many we've had until I was looking through the pictures; and these are only the ones I made it to! 
This was last night:

My cheeks hurt from all the laughing. 

So thanks, for being my friends and my family.