Thursday, January 27, 2011


So, everytime I take off a sticker from an apple I never want to walk over the the garbage can and flick that tiny little guy into the garbage can.  I inevitably miss the garbage and end up scraping it off the floor the next day, or I can't get it off my finger in the first place and after waving my hand around a bit I end up sticking it to the bag.  Solution.  Turn them into refrigerator art.  Works for me!

This morning I found a note slipped under the door that connects our kitchen to the Sewells:
I'm thinking her mom wrote that...she is 6.  :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Three day weekends are getting predictable.

In such a good way!  Looky here:
 Shrimp for my man,
 Opera from Starr
 Food for the tummy and soul
and these boys. 

Needless to say, I'm thrilled that Austin loves his "inlaws."  It has been HIS idea to come visit every chance we get. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Don't ask me...

why Austin thought that last post was a good idea.  (see image 1 entitled "pickin' on the sly")  However, since I was coerced into a solemn promise not to remove the offending post, the only option I have is to blog like a maniac until it is safely cleared to the next page. 

So...(hurry Tikla think of something new and exciting going on around here...) 

Well.  We got a new computer!  That's exciting!  This means that the words I'm typing right now are showing up simultaneously with the typing sounds, rather than in big chunk three seconds delayed.  Big smile for that. 

I've always been convinced that a child will take a cardboard box over an action figure anyday.  Lucky for the Sewell kids the computer came in a huge BOX!  This little messages from Margaret tied to my chair are just a token of her love for the box.  :)

School is going to be AWESOME this semester. I convinced Austin to take Religion in the Home with me and now, not only did we only have to buy one set of books, but we get to do projects together! So cute!
It's a new year; this means revising our budget categories, making goals, and finding a new calendar. 
over and out.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


So I decided for my first blog post ever I would start with a bang.

Here is my dinosaur impression!

Video explains it all

with love,

The Fife's

Friday, January 7, 2011

long ago and far away

Long ago as in December, and far away as in Cedar City, UT and Federal Way, WA.  :D

It was my first time coming back home for Christmas since I left for college! It was musical, lively, and yummy. 

My stud muffin chillin' at the Brown's

Starr and I snuck off for a little girls only shopping.  Isn't she adorable!

Alex.  Totally a part of the fam.  Our easygoing, animal loving Korean.

Sterling.  He is reminding me more and more of Skylar.  He even got a rubix cube for Christmas. 

Reece.  His irresistablitiy has been giving him grief lately, but he'll manage somehow. 

Jay.  persistant and articulate

This picture probably represents 40% of our visit.  This game was a hit!
 We caroled, ate too much chocolate, and opened gifts.  We did a name draw which is always fun.  Tori got Austin a couple really nice tennis rackets and balls with a booklet of "A Selection from: Tori's Tennis" For example, tennis tip #49 was "If you press your face into your racket hard enough you get funny marks."  Complete with illustrations.  :) 

Austin gave Reece his custom tailored suit from Peru (Austin has grown right out of it--His shoulders were busting buttons.  Hard to believe he wore it while we were dating! That's my man!) The tag was a Reeses with the 's' changed to a 'c' from a Big Hunk. 

I drew dad and a little bird told me he wanted a pull up bar.  So I obliged.  He claims it's his mid life crisis. ;)

Jay J gave me a gorgeous "willow tree" nativity set.  I LOVE it!  I just wish I could display it all year instead of waiting until next Christmas. 

So after the festivities, we scurried away in time for me to sing with the orchestra and Ballet West in the Nutcracker Ballet.  So cool!  Austin was a little wigged out by the men in tights...

Then it was off to Washington!!  I am so lucky to have such awesome inlaws.  
They saved Christmas for us and Austin's gift was a hit!  He drew his mom and compiled letters from each of the family members into a purple booklet.   He had to read Jordan's letter was so funny he had to read it out loud.  With a few breaks to gasp for air we laughed our way through it.

Beautiful Shawnie.  I can't believe how lovely she is getting!

 New Year's was a literal BLAST with Jordan Samantha Michaela and Heidi. 

Much to our dismay/delight our suspension broke just as we were pulling out so we stayed an extra day. 

The boys, watchin football

And now I'm back to making castles with this little guy, making pretty lil things before my life gets busy again, and school is officially in session!