Monday, July 25, 2011

Sailing in the Marti Ann

My waterbug and I finally went waterskiing!  Ever since we met I've heard tales of the glory days where happiness was found asleep in the old boat after a sun soaking, cherry eating, wakeboarding day.  There was a whole part of his life I was missing!  No longer!  I didn't get any good movies of the wakeboarding, but here he is on the kneeboard:

And now folks, in all humility,  I ROCKED THE KNEEBOARD!!  (We will kindly ignore the fact that I couldn't get up on the wakeboard and drank half the lake trying)

So, now I am officially accepted into the family.  After two years I must say, it's about time!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I cut my own hair!  I just realized there is a post just like this one last summer... I guess it's the time of year I get the ich to try something new. 

But look! I'm getting braver.  This one is way shorter than last year's hair self-help escapade. 
I digging my short locks.  Austin's response was "you look like a mom!"  :D  But he likes it. 

This summer is a busy, tired mess.  We work hard and play hard...I guess I'll just have to sleep in the fall. 

Oregon is beautiful! We paid a visit to Grams and the coast for the "Brown Family Conference" The theme was "looking up and looking out" (meaning look toward heaven first and then serve other people.)  We even had matching T-shirts.  Isn't my mom incredible. 

You can see Austin and Dad's shirts here

Sisters! :) 

I love Austin, my family and his.  What a charmed life I lead.