Thursday, September 29, 2011

Not so secret service

As you probably know, I babysit for our landlord/friend next door. Her kitchen has this great island in the middle of it, and four little white leatherette bar stools. But something happened...

KIDS happened, that's what. and now the lovely things look like this:

Soooooo, with a little help from the two culprits we transformed them to this!

I've decided I will never be able to do sewing tutorials because I pretty much slop things together and hope no one looks at the "ugly side."  So just in case you were excited to learn how to make these babies, Go fish! cuz I'm pretty sure I did each one differently. 

Its just fabric, elastic, and a sewing machine.  If I were patient they'd be reversible, but alas.  I'm not.

You can kind of see what's going on underneath in this picture:

 Oh ho!  I know what you're thinking what do we do when that lovely white becomes pb&j artwork? Well, you're not gonna believe this, you slip them off and "trow them in the wash, it'll be grand!" 

I wrote this post forever ago about motivation.

I had a moment today that made me think, hey maybe I'm not doing so bad after all

Here's the moment. I wished there were a way to blame someone else for vamping up these stools, and not because I'm ashamed of my handiwork--I think they turned out pretty snazzy--but because this wasn't about me looking awesome.  It was about doing something nice for someone else, 'cuz that feels good. 

Though now that I think about it, here I am posting about this on my blog... I guess I'm still prideful.  (sigh)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The lamest arm bar I've ever seen

Meet Brian.

Basketball player, handstand on a chair master, Nike shoe obssesser, any team that is playing BYU fan, and EFY buddy of...

This guy.

This is them, back in the day.  I believe this picture was captioned, "straight up thugs in AZ."


These two heartbreakers are growed up now, and Brian paid us a visit to beat up Austin.

So, maybe I was just kidding about the all grown up part. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Just in case you missed it

The annual General Relief Society Meeting for the church was held on Saturday night.  I just watched the whole thing here

Wow, was that ever inspiring.  

I laughed so hard at Elder Uchtdorf's "hand-stitched pot holders" comment.  Why does that remind me of me?  (shakes head in exasperation)

I found this darling little visual of the five points from his "forget me not" talk. 


Saturday, September 24, 2011

eh jokes!

So this is Saipan.

I lived there. 

Here is proof.

Indulge me for a moment while I walk down memory lane.

This is the place I learned how to be myself. 

So many memories of seminary, dances, beach parties, judo, girls camp, youth conference, creative dates, and the music

Once you've lived in Saipan you are part of the club.
I once hear it referred to as "the gathering."
I love this photo (below), I remember the group at Wave Jungle hanging on to those tubes for dear life around the lazy river.  Somehow it seemed symbolic.  We had to stick together.  

Here are the perks of the Saipan club:

You get to memorize a spiel that goes something like this, "Oh, it's a 5x12 mile island over by Guam, kinda like a mini Hawaii."
You get to use phrases and words like, spotting, on the air con, plenty, par, etc.
and here is the best part. 
The new family members, this means when you leave there have to be...

I didn't realize how many we've had until I was looking through the pictures; and these are only the ones I made it to! 
This was last night:

My cheeks hurt from all the laughing. 

So thanks, for being my friends and my family.

Vocal Point!!!

Just another reason Mormons are awesome. :)  :) 

No, seriously, I've been a fan of these guys ever since I came to BYU.  Really well done, can you believe they are singing and doing the Charleston at the same time!!! yeesh. 

I love the way he emphasizes "ginger ale" instead of "can of ale."  pretty cute. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Proof that Austin cares more about my safety than my style

Austin came home from work and itching to take a motorcycle ride up Squaw Peak (aka Make-out Point)  It was a gorgeous evening and we would make it just in time for sunset.  How romantic. 

Then Austin insisted that I wear this:

My face is being very honest about my feelings.  Yup, ladies and gentlemen, Tikla is wearing an over sized leather jacket with a florescent orange Linx overlay.  This shapeless, Halloween inspired look, paired with her helmet hair is fitting, but failing.  

This picture doesn't even do that orange justice.  You stand too close to a white wall in that baby and you can see your own glow.   

Happily for me, I wasn't even embarrassed.  Since being married, the list of things that make me blush has shortened by necessity.  Austin is a pretty out-there kind of guy. :)  Feel free to ask about the "Peruvian wave," the thigh massage, and "tooting the alarm" next time we see each other.

And ya know.  He wants me to be safe! (You'd have to be pretty drunk to run over that neon boat.)  Mom will be thrilled. 

Happy Wednesday

I didn't post anything on our 2nd year anniversary so here is a little flashback to the day we celebrated.

I understand this is hard to accept, but ladies I got the very-best-million-gold-star man out there.  You now have to settle for the second place guy.  It's okay to cry a little, you'll get through this. 

Guess what tickles my fancy:
Red mugs from mom with oh-so-picturesque garlic nestled in them.

thrifted $2 mini shelf, now hanging above the sink.   

Some day, in my future castle, there will be a huge sash window there (framed by gingham curtains with tie-backs) ready to be flung open wide whenever my heart desires.  Maybe a little pie sitting on the sill to cool?   I guess my shelf will do for now.

Guess what is soooo not cute! 




I felt the need to separate the pictures above by at least a few lines.

Benjamin still isn't potty trained.  Oh boy.  My favorite is when I smell something and have to ask him if he went in his new, dry undies.  He tilts his head to the side, thinks about it for a minute and then says, "oh yeah, I did."  and you didn't even notice, huh, pal?   

But then moments like this happen (see "love" below) and it's all worth it. 

Yup, we made those pizzas.  I'll never forgive myself for teaching them to toss the crusts in the air.  We had enough flour on the floor to make another batch.  Aw well. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dear Husband,

I miss you. 

I know it's super awesome that your are all pro and on a business trip, but it's sorta lonely and scary here without 'cha. 

So, in your absence I've come up with a little list of reasons why I love you (which you should by no means considered positive reinforcement for leaving me.)

Sad Face
-You listen with convicing interest to stories I've told you 7 times already.
-When I say "Look" *happy squeal* you say, "oh, that is soooooo cute, I just don't even know what to do!"  and even though I know you are mocking me I can't help but smile even bigger and kiss your adorable face. 
-You NEVER leave the toliet seat up.  ever. 
-When we leave the house you check the stove and oven cuz, what do you know, they're usually on threatening the safety of our hearth and home. 
 -Your laugh gets endearingly high pitched and desperate when I tickle you too much.
 -You smell great!
-The way you ask my permission before listening to "your music."
-Touching toes before falling asleep is code for "I'm not mad."
-Rock, paper, sissors to decide whether or not you get to order a Dr Pepper.
-This picture of you -->
-Your chin
-Your eyes
-Your hair
-Your shoulders
whew what's not to love!?
-Snuggle time and pillow talk
-Your fingers in my hair
-The way you stop me in the middle of whatever I'm doing--usually causing me to drop whatever I'm holding--just to kiss me. 

well that got mushier than I intended.  What can I say, I miss my man.

oh and just so you know,
the sewing machine has taken up permanent residence on the kitchen table, the basil is sprouting, and the microwave and cupboard doors are all open. 

P.S.  Here is a preview of the adorable pillows I made while you were gone saving the world.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Why didn't anyone tell me...

...that Park City is the cutest place ever!!! Don't believe me? Scroll down and try to keep calm.

To celebrate our graduation/done with summer selling/awesomeness, we treated ourselves to a little vacay.  Since we won't live in Utah forever, site seeing in our own backyard was the thing to do. 

Priceline landed us a cozy spot at the Yarrow hotel.   Where we enjoyed the...dun dun da da!  Romance package. 

Aww, can you guess what the yummiest thing in the picture is?  Hint: believe it or not, it's not the chocolate covered strawberries. 

My only request for the trip was a pedicure.  Rather than wait around for his princess to be pampered he joined right in.  (It think the massage chairs convinced him.)  Much to his dismay he ended up with shiny toenails.  Much to MY dismay they didn't show up in the picture.  Folks, it is now your job to never let him live that down. 

 And now to the adorableness:

 I think I died and went to gingerbread trim heaven.

 We couldn't help but wonder how the "cuteness code" is enforced.

 Yup we rode on that.  And yes, we smooched a bit after disappearing behind the mountain. 

Correction, I died and went to flower box heaven.

 I don't know if you can tell from these pics, but Austin broke his beard length record.  I kinda miss my furry mountain man. 

 Can I get an "awwwww"  for lunch at the "Red Banjo."

Whew, this is a lot of pictures, but listen pal, it's been a while since I blogged last so pipe down and keep reading. 

We lavished a fancy dinner on ourselves, it was so la-dee-da that in between courses our waiter came with a crumb catcher to tidy of up the table cloth before bringing more delicious food.  I'm ashamed to say, there were more crumbs on my side than Austin's...(sigh)

Our craziest day was at the mountain resort ziplining, coastering, sliding, mini golfing, sunburning, trampoline jumping, and rock climbing.  Total blast!

Next came snorkels and 90 degree water at The Crater, which was a lot like a mini grotto (Saipan peeps, pound it.)

Behold the Heber Creeper:

Sweet little train+snugly husband+big cookies=

Whoa, PDA!!! Close your eyes quick!

Get this.  The train didn't even take us back to our car.  We RIVER RAFTED back! That's right, another bucket list item is checked off. 

This last picture is for Austin.  He laughed so hard it was only fair to share the joy. 

(explanation:  The wind teamed up with my life-jacket-head-rest to smack me in the back of the head whenever the camera came out to document our adventure.  So, this is the face of someone bashed in the head by their life saving device.)

And they lived happily ever after.