Monday, November 28, 2011

Antoroth, mom, food, and garage...if you think of a witty blogpost title that includes those things, let me know.

 This may very well be my favorite picture from the whole trip.  Imagine thought bubbles...

A: I'm so happy!  This is Jay my best buddy, and we are playing Risk! skipadeedoo!
J: Don't touch me weirdo. 

This is Sterling's classic "why is this camera in my face" face.  Some how he is still stinkin' adorable. 

Now I need you all to summon your inner nerd for a moment.  Here we have Reece.  Captain of his football team, star actor, and all around stud muffin; creating a clay model of his self imagined world "Antoroth."  May I add, he whipped up that batch of play dough himself, dyed it different colors, drew the country lines with a complicated grid system to perfectly mimic his original artwork, and modeled the whole thing.  If it wasn't so intensely creative, I would have been making fun of him the whole trip. 

Now, the reason we came in the first place:


blew my mind.

This is the new house!  (totally cozy, spiffed up little place)

Starr made everyone little name tags. I think this one was my favorite.

 The fam bam.  Though I mostly posted this one for Tori's face.  I <3 her face.

Speaking of faces I love.  Isn't she lovely!  Pretty sure she is supposed to be hitting an awkward phase right now...nope I don't see it.  Anyone? 

I was burnt out on "Nerts" so Austin taught everyone a new one, "13."  Big hit. For more information on how to play contact Austin Tyler Fife, current champion and forever ruler of my heart.


The Birthday Girl!

Beauty Mommy!

Austin and I couldn't stay for her birthday, so we celebrated early.  Our first gift was to turn this:

 Into this:

Moving is still hard even after 20 practice houses.  I think they just might be here to stay.
(knock on wood quick!)

The next part of the gift was the "mom spa."  This package includes:

Foot massage
Hair played with
hand rub
roses presented by Sterling
two Brown kids original song arrangements sung while you are being pampered. 
private candle lit bath

...she cried.  I'm guessing she liked it?

You are loved mom, even if we don't show it this well very often. 

I adore the feeling in this picture from the boys particularly.  they look so completely involved in making mom feel happy. 

So long famaree!  See you again soon!

Friday, November 18, 2011


Oh the intrigue, the suspense, The AWESOMENESS! 

So remember this little baby?

It pretty much rocked!  Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present Valerie Eisenhoover First Lady of the United States of America. 

Here's the murder scene...

This was my first time acting in an audience-interactive show and I loved it!  The most interesting thing was watching people's reaction to acting up close. 

My character was a tad emotional most of the show, so getting teary and running off to the bathroom may have happened a couple times.  Usually, when you cry in front of someone, they are super uncomfy or try to console you. 

In this sitch they looked up at me with entertained, impressed, having a good time faces.  That was new.  :)

My favorite memories from the show:

-Dad laughing before during and after all the jokes in Erma Chelse's speech
-The one horned cow stalking the Spring Haven grounds, and "the president"s attempt to shoo it
-away with a folding chair. 
-The love square
-Murder in the dark until 3 in the morning.
-The bell
-Secretary of Defense Irving giving Erma mouth to mouth for real
-the excuse to wear false eyelashes
-The Germans
-Knowing the death scene was coming and being so distracted I didn't let Reece lead the dance in the ballroom.
-Grandpa loudly accusing me of being the murder during the final interrogation scene.
-Austin gushing about how hot the President's wife is. 

Is it weird that I get such a kick out of performing?

When Austin called last night after the cast party I said,

K, so, love?  I may or may not have just tried out for something else...

(he is still me or with me I still don't know...)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


 "Every Little Step" was the best performance of the night and they were sent home???


You can see the other groups freaking out in the background because they are so good!

It took me a bit to get over it last night. :) I reminded myself of Tori when David Archuleta didn't win American Idol. :D

Sure this one wasn't their best performance ever, but yeesh I still thought they were top three for sure!

You can tell Jake is struggling with emotion on this one so the pitch is wavering.
I'm glad however that they did what they came to do. They shared uplifting music and positive attitudes.

And that marks the end of my Sing Off obsession.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thursday, November 3, 2011

They are BACK!!!

So, I don't watch TV, like ever.  But guys, this show is AWESOME!  Are vocal point is ADORABLE.  Maybe it would be better if they just got eliminated;

I think Austin might be getting jealous. 

Oh yeah, we got a car!  Huge, green, and good natured; loves watching musicals and taking long walks on the beach.  Our "little (or not so little) Trooper." 

Now it's my turn to be jealous.  :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"Do you pop out at parties?"

Halloween.  K, so I can't help myself.  I have to do a little've got yourself a Halloween Grinch.  I didn't think much about this ghastly holiday until I had to explain it to a foreigner. We are really weird and creepy for celebrating Halloween!  speaking of scary.  It was bad enough when it was witches and blood, but now it's getting all yucky sexy too. 

Luckily there is a cute, creative side to Halloween.  It's true, without it I wouldn't have been able to straighten Austin's hair and turn him into Bieber:

Not to mention spooning out some vitameatavegamin in honor of Lucille Ball:

So, just for now I'll put up with the zombies, slime, and awful fake injuries. 

I can't post about Halloween without giving a shout out to the Brown family creative costumes of the past.  Alice and wonderland? oh yes the entire family.  Winnie the Pooh?  yup the was us too.  Not to mention Rubix cube, palm tree, book, oven, piano....wait a minute

Those were all Skylar.  Aha, so I've found the reason for our crazy creative costumes.  The three-year-old Skylar who told mom he wanted to be a lemon for Halloween.  I can still remember stuffing his yellow costume with newspaper so it would plump out like a lemon.  Miss that guy.