Thursday, December 15, 2011

David Archuleta

Perhaps you remember this post, when I alluded to the fact that Tori is a pretty die hard Archie fan?  Well what I failed to mention, I was there biting my nails and crossing my fingers right along with her during the final moments of the only American idol series I ever followed completely.
So when this talented guy came to Cedar and the concert happened to coincide with Starr and Sterling's birthday,  we bought tickets.  Under the guise that it was for Starr of course ...lies, we wanted to go more than she did.

 Much to my dismay, when we got home I realized my camera had the audio disabled the whole show.  darn!  At least you get to see his cute performing skills from the SECOND ROW!
 I have a whole bunch of short clips, and then he starts coming really close to our seats and I think to myself, Why am I recording this!?!?  I could be watching the real thing! then the clip ends.  :)  Did I mention we were on the second row?

He bore testimony during the second set of the Savior's birth through his music.   I cried.