Thursday, December 13, 2012

Just Kickin' Around

Baby boy is kicking, and I can feel it!  Like right now, this second he is saying, "hey, hey I've got legs! whats up!  

Feeling my baby move around and flail his little limbs is the most comforting, beautiful thing.  Because of our adventures trying to have a baby, I feel a little bit like I've been pregnant for two years with nothing to show for it.  Oh, but let me tell you, actually feeling our baby make his presence known makes this so real.  We are actually going to have three people in our family by summer...crazy.

I tried to imagine what "quickening" would feel like while lying awake at night pretending those gas bubbles were Jr., but my imagination failed on this one.  It feels more wonderful than I dreamed.  Pregnancy is such a miracle.

The day that Austin gets to feel our little guy punch will be pretty special too, but for now I am REVELING in today; when my belly is still small enough that I can sleep on my tummy, but little pokes and flutters in my womb reassure me that our baby is doing just fine.

We had our 20 week ultrasound today!  Skippadeedooda, Austin got to come this time!

The guy who took the pictures was really great; he taught us all about what we were looking at.  Baby Fife has four chambers in his heart, two hemispheres in his brain, and impressive flexibility.  He was folded in half with his feet up by his face!

The craziest thing was watching him move on the screen while feeling him move at the same time.

In other good news, my subchorionic hemorrhage has disappeared!  Yay!


Once upon a time I was really jealous of short girls.  They are so cute and little, they can wear heels on blind dates, sudden movements are less likely to send furniture toppling over, and finding sweaters with arms long enough to snuggle over their hands is no problem.  But, now I'm 20 weeks pregnant and I am singing praises to the gap between my little baby bump and my ribs.  May that glorious space forgive me for ever wishing I was short.

We're sticking around... just a little bit longer

Make up your mind already!!  I know, I know.

Our poor bishop and Relief Society pres don't know what to do with us.  This the third time we've told them we are outa here only to come back sheepishly with "just a few more months" as the new plan.

It was apparent after a couple weeks that Austin was going to be most successful working for TruForce from here in good ol' Provo Utah.  At least until the summer; then we are off to Denver, CO to sell;  THEN we are moving to Arizona.  sigh.

Good news:

Free rent in exchange for babysitting continues.
I get to start "nesting" immediately.
Mom doesn't have to stress about getting to AZ for baby time.
Austin has his own bonafide office space, complete with an adorable part-time secretary (me!)

Baby Update:

I felt our little guy move last night!  A sweet little fluttery feeling.  I sat straight up in bed and gasped with excitement.  Poor Austin I scared the living daylights out of him.  :)

Morning/Everytime-of-day sickness has subsided. Hooray!  Along with it left the food aversions and weird lemon cravings.  

Friday, November 16, 2012

We Are Having a BOY!

Austin really wanted to be at our ultrasound on Tuesday, but he had to make an emergency trip to AZ for TruForce stuff.  So, I went solo.   I watched out sweet little one stretch and rub it's face in the black and white world of ultrasound, and then to my surprise the nurse said, 
-"Do you want to know what it is?"  
-"What!?!?! You can tell!!"
-"Uh huh."
-"Are you sure you can tell!?!?" 
-"Yup, I'm sure."
-"Don't tell me!"

I ended up having her write it down and put it in a sealed envelope.  

This was Tuesday.....Austin got home today (Friday)'s been a LOOOONG week.

but I survived.  I even took the envelope to the bakery today before picking up Austin and had them secretly write out these words on a delicious piece of cheesecake so we could eat the yummy news.  :)

To be honest I've been getting boy vibes since the very beginning of my pregnancy.  Every time I thought about our little baby I imagine him swaddled in blue with Austin's curls.

Now it's official.  We are having a baby boy in the Spring and we couldn't be happier.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Secret is Out!

Can you believe I actually waited 4 months to tell you!  I'm still reeling from my amazing secret keeping skills.

We are 16 weeks along and my tummy is showing the faintest signs of bumpage.  Either that or it's wishful thinking and a big lunch.

Our quest for parenthood has been an eye opening journey for me.  We have actually miscarried thrice, and this probably aided my secret keeping skills.  I was tired of telling good news only to follow it with heartbreak.

While I had my moments of anger, confusion, disappointment, and fatigue, the overall message from my Father in Heaven has been peace.  Peace through faith in His timing.

The "danger zone" is behind us, we've heard the baby's heartbeat twice, watched it hanging out on the ultrasound cam, and will know the gender in less than a month.  I've finally allowed myself to throw my heart into this baby.  We will pray this baby into reality!

This baby is really coming this time, and darn it, it has the cutest heartbeat I have ever heard.

Current cravings:
lemons (straight up lemons...weird I know)

Morning (and every other time) sickness galore.  Initially I would lose my lunch, rinse out my mouth and prance into the bedroom for a happy dance with Austin because we were "still pregnant!"  Now it's become more routine.  For some reason I thought this part was supposed to disappear after the first trimester and then I'd feel peachy keen and glowy for the rest of the time.  Ah well.  :)

I do feel pretty giddy though.  I feel little tweaks and pulls as my body makes way for this little one, and  I'm reminded that my body is AMAZING!  How does it know just what to do?  I don't even have to think about it and I'm growing a brain, little fingers and toes, eyelids, and fingernails.

We are so blessed.

Thank you for your prayers and support...

from all three of us.

TruForce and the End of Our Days in Utah

Austin would probably start this post with, "long story short," and then tell a really long story.  (ahem, I'm going to pay for that comment...)

I'll try to actually keep it short, especially since the next post I'm planning is even more exciting! Heck just skip to that one now.

We are moving to Arizona!  Austin has an opportunity there that will require a boat load of hard work and sacrifice, but will pay off big time for our family long term.  

Lucky for us, I'm really good at sacrifice and he is really good at hard work!

We almost signed with this company this last summer, but things have fallen in to place very suddenly for us now and we will be all moved by Christmas.

TruForce, our new company, is the most organized, innovative, awesome sales company I've encountered in my shortish life.   And I'm super proud of Austin.

I mean just check this out:

And yes, they designed that app themselves.  They're that awesome.

We will miss all of our friends here in Utah, but if you're ever in AZ come say hi!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

We're House Hunting!

We are soooo grown ups now! 

We had the craziest ever choose-where-we-want-to-live-for-the-next-million-years decision to make this summer and Utah won.  

Which also means Austin has accepted a position as freshly promoted partner at Linx!  This is handy since half of his wardrobe has this splashed all over it. 

We did have to get over one little detail in order to stick around in Happy Valley:

"Choosing to live in Utah doesn't make you any less righteous."

Ha, this sounds silly, but it did really seem that we would be more useful outside of this fair state and it took us some time to realize, you know what, we like it here!  There is plenty of work for us to do in the kingdom right where we stand.  With His stamp of approval we are now on the hunt for our own little cottage. 

Austin sides with safe neighborhoods, good location, big backyard, extra parking, minimal TLC...a jetted tub wouldn't hurt. 
I'm crossing my fingers for one that comes with 7 dwarves, friendly birds, a laughing brook, and flower boxes, but apparently they don't make those anymore.  

The other day we decided to go look at some houses while babysitting M an B.  I made them each a stack of paper that looked like this:

B had a magnet as his "metal detector" and M had a make up brush to dust for fingerprints.  

Here is some of the feedback:

-"It's close to Miss Laura's house" (a former preschool teacher)
-"The backyard is big but it has lots of dry spots."

-"upstairs smells like fish"
-"downstairs smells like grapes"

-"there are lots of wasps in the front yard."

So if anyone knows of any houses that don't smell like grapes and has a wasp-free yard, M is interested.  :)

P.S. My fridge sounds like an airplane taking off...should I be concerned?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

When I Don't Blog for a Long Time

A whole bunch of awesome, hard, beautiful stuff happened in the last two months.

Since I've been wrapped up doing, thinking about, and crying about those things, they haven't made the blog yet.  So here is the first installment:

"Catching up With the Fifes Part 1."  (music plays)

The 4th of July

My patriotic heart was completely satisfied this year.  I've decided the best ever Independence Day tradish is hanging with Jordan, Samantha and their darling family on a giant hill where their sweet yellow house is perfectly perched.  You can see fireworks going off all across the horizon line.  Not to mentioned their neighbor explodes thousands of $$s worth with a blow torch.

Austin and I are already craving some more giggles with these two princesses, and of course we are dying to see the littlest sister who was born since this trip.  


Some mad sparkler dueling took place while waiting for darkness.

 We are super heros.  


I'm sure we were doing nothing to help Samantha's blood pressure pregnancy problems, but she was her usual cheerful, perfect hostess self.

I love these people!
In all their goofy glory!

Until next year!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dad's Day

Thanks for the green eyes, attached ear lobes, and ability to sense that "something's burning!" 
You're the best you know!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Things That Remind me of Mom: A Belated Mother's Day Post

When I think of mom....

I think of rubies, and the scripture in Proverbs, "Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies."

The color white.

Oregon and trees!  Especially Douglas Firs.

Real things, like real glasses instead of plastic...

real wood.

Good chocolate

Good food!  (ignoring the infamous eggy-apple-oatmeal for a moment here.)

The word GORGEOUS.  The first time I ever heard it as a little girl it was in reference to my beautiful mother, and every time I hear it now I think of her.

Music, she used to sing softly into the window of the car, now she performs in choirs and can hold her own on the alto part, not to mention violin and cello.  Music reminds me of mom.

Love that knows pain, sacrifice, gentleness, and peace.

"Do what you say, you are going to do."


I love you mom, and knowing how forgiving you are, you won't mind that this is 30 days late. :)

Monday, May 7, 2012


For your information:  
Austin has been alive for approximately 9,125 days.  
I've known him for 1,038 days. 
He is 1/4 of the way to 100 years old.

 25 years old today.  

We celebrated early with a bucket of balls at the golf course, a hike to bridal veil falls, a massage, and finally a baseball game-complete with ever coveted, rarely indulged, over-priced soft pretzels.  

He was still feeling a little sick for the friends and cake portion of the birthday.  So rather than blow germs all over everyone's cheesecake,  he politely delegated the wish obtaining blow to me.  Hope it was a good wish, because it's coming true. 

This is his attempt at a I'm-blowing-out-the-candles face.  Convincing?

Happy Birthday my love.  

You make 
loving you easy, 
serving you a joy,
missing you painful.

Here's to a lifetime of birthdays.  


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

We All Want to Move to Heber, the First Picnic of the Season, and Smoke Gets in our Eyes...

Fife Reunion a la Heber was a success!

Don't be too jealous of our mansion.  Frankly, you could have put this group in a tin shack underground and they would have had a good time.  There were no expectations, no demands, just much rejoicing--oh yes and much fishing. 

 Windy!  Good thing the Oklahoma boys brought their kite!

Can you believe there are two little girls on Samantha's lap! 

I love this sweet family...wait a second.  Where is Michaela bug?

Not to worry, she's with Grampa makin' sand castles and talkin'.  Or following deer tracks, heading up adventures, and blessing my life.

May I take a moment to recognize the undaunted efforts of this valiant fisherman.  

Did he stop when the pole was stolen leaving behind only the pink princess option? No!
Did he call it quits when a rather important part of the newly purchased fishing pole flung itself into the watery depths? No!

With fishing line in his bare hand...

...he looked the insurmountable odds in the face and laughed.  

That was a pretty good fish story, wouldn't you say?

 Sadly I got very few pictures of the Dustin/Amber fam, who really must come live next door to us or I don't know what I'll do.  I'm mean look at that little hat-tassel-eating-face.  And now that we are blendtech buddies there is really nothing to be negotiated.  We will kick the neighbors out tomorrow.

Glad we got that settled.  

Meanwhile back at the ranch, my sisters came to visit!

 Completely with out prompt or script Austin suggested a picnic to which I calmly agreed  squealed with delight and ran to grab the watermelon basket.  

Thanks Starr and Tori for sharing our first picnic of the year. *sniff*  

Saipan friends joined us that night for singing, roasting, and catching up.  I can't believe how many of us are in Utah now!  

 I don't know what was in those pine needles, but that smoke was all up in everyone's eyes. 

Come back soon...I know, I know "stop taking pictures of us sleeping and we'll think about it." but look how cute you two are!