Friday, January 27, 2012

Acting my age?

When I was little, I knew exactly what a grown up was. 

-are not scared of the dark, spiders, or asking questions to intimidating teachers.

-have money to pay for stuff (trampolines, houses, plumbers, dish soap)

-can talk to other important grown-ups.

-know how to do tricky things (put gas in a car, untangle necklace chains, start campfires, get gum out of hair, write checks.)

-hold the phone with their shoulder with out it fall down their back.

-can tie balloons without letting all the air out.

-talk on the phone for a long time about boring things.

-chew with their mouth closed, don't lean back in chairs, never "let one fly" in public, make their beds, eat their vegetables, wear deodorant, and wipe their feet.

-get married and have babies.

-cook real food with sharp knives instead of pretending.

-go to work. 

Well some of this was right and some was wrong.
"we never really grow up, we just add things to our 'don't do that again' list."
I didn't magically reach a point on my 18th birthday, when life got easier and I didn't have to learn anything new.  Good thing too, that sounds pretty boring.

The trick is that anything I'm am good at, came from trying and failing and trying again.  I never would have been any good at undoing knotted necklaces if it weren't for the hours on road trips dedicated to reviving my sadly tangled chains. 

I can remember sitting on the rug in my bedroom with a little bottle of red nail polish.  The task required all of my focus.  The dripping red brush moved closer and closer to my tiny fingernail.  Brow furrowed, lips pursed, I was going to paint the prettiest manicure ever. 

Three splotched figernails later, with no Tori, earthquake, or sneeze to blame, my desire for pretty nails won over my independence and I watched in awe as mom slide the brush gracefully over each of my nails perfectly "in the lines."

guess what,  I didn't really practice this one, and now I'm a grown up and still get frusterated by the third nail and the rest are all sloppy. 
Being a grown up just means I've had more time to practice... life. 
...and guess what else.  Sometimes grown up stuff sounds a lot cooler than it is.  Case in point:
Tikla V Fife: Entrepreneur, Chief Executive Officer and Owner of My English Education Tutor (MEET) currently in it's pilot/fledgling stages;
married to incredibly handsome Senior Vice President of Sales at Linx Communications Austin Tyler Fife.

The first part of that sentence sounds way cooler than it really is, and the second part is way cooler than it sounds. :)

I can put on a business suit, heals, and stick a bluetooth in my ear,
I know what the words plethora, extemporaneous, retrospect mean,
I fixed the plumbing in our kitchen sink,


My professional outfits are usually marred by an oversized bow or flower in my hair,
I had to use spell checker to figure out how to spell extemporaneous,
and the rotten beans that were plugging our kitchen pipes made me want to go to timeout and punch a pillow.


I guess being grown up is still being Tikla,  it just sounds cooler. :)

(Stills from my "coming soon" ESL video tutorial)

According to Austin, I'm "pretty gangster."

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Absence makes the heart grow...


I sat in my car, at the Bajios parking lot, crying all my mascara off, after Austin left for the airport again today.  The grandma in the car next to me was this close to knocking on the Trooper window to offer me her hankie.

What is wrong with me!!  He'll be back on SUNDAY!!!

Sunday people.  That is not very long.  But I'm telling you, when your husband is as good a kisser, suggler, protector, pizza baker, foot rubber, and movie quoter as mine is, yeesh it get's kinda lonesome without him. 

I'd go on, but you'd probably leave to surf a less depressing blog; and besides, it's 8 minutes past my bedtime.  So, I'll leave it at that and go get in my jammies. 

P.S. Blowing a christmas gift card at Michael's did wonders to improve my mood.  :)  Night all! 

Friday, January 6, 2012


...I don't like, lucky for me:

tootsie rolls

Things I don't like, but wish I did:



In other thoughts, this month I'm thinking of retitling my blog to "Missing Husband: million dollar reward."  Pretty sure he's got two week long business trips for January.  Yuck.  The two day retreat, that left me to fight the alligators under the bed by myself last night, was bad enough.  Am I the only one who still does the turn off the light and quickly jump into the covers before the bad guys get you routine? 

Something to dream about:



Our future kids.  :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas travels

It wasn't until we left Washington that I realized this was the only picture I have from the trip.  Sad face!

It's pretty stinkin' cute though.   

These girls were so fun!  Samantha was ever the gracious host; their home is so comfy. 

All too soon it was time to go. 

We hopped on a plane to OK and got to hang out with these little dudes. 

There is nothing that makes me more baby hungry than watching Austin play with his nieces and nephews.  Here's a little preview of Daddy Austin.

this one is a winner!

Poor Dustin was sick again, but other than that, the trip was very enjoyable.  Amber was generous, welcoming, and full of good advice. 

So, I took a few more photos in Oklahoma than Washington, but still not enough to capture the range of cuteness we experienced for both "Christmas's"

Lucky for me, mom got a new camera for Christmas.  So we have a whole slew of paparazzi pictures from our visit to Cedar City. 

The least fun part of sledding is always the part where you grab your heavy coaster, clean the snow out of your ears, and hike the long trek back up the mountain.  Well guess what folks!  We went to Brianhead, and they do the climbing for you.

This is the totally awesome cable that pulls you and your tube up the hill. 

on your mark, get set, GO!

Yup that's me getting left in the dust, literally.

let's go get back in line.

We noticed mom's camera pointed our way. 
In my mind I thought: here's a cute photo op!
Austin thought: hehe won't this be funny later.

If you try to steal a kiss and fail, is it called "attempted robbery?"  because Austin is guilty.  That's what you get for ruining our cute photo op. 

note: I <3 Reece's Buzz Lightgear eyebrows.