Wednesday, August 15, 2012

When I Don't Blog for a Long Time

A whole bunch of awesome, hard, beautiful stuff happened in the last two months.

Since I've been wrapped up doing, thinking about, and crying about those things, they haven't made the blog yet.  So here is the first installment:

"Catching up With the Fifes Part 1."  (music plays)

The 4th of July

My patriotic heart was completely satisfied this year.  I've decided the best ever Independence Day tradish is hanging with Jordan, Samantha and their darling family on a giant hill where their sweet yellow house is perfectly perched.  You can see fireworks going off all across the horizon line.  Not to mentioned their neighbor explodes thousands of $$s worth with a blow torch.

Austin and I are already craving some more giggles with these two princesses, and of course we are dying to see the littlest sister who was born since this trip.  


Some mad sparkler dueling took place while waiting for darkness.

 We are super heros.  


I'm sure we were doing nothing to help Samantha's blood pressure pregnancy problems, but she was her usual cheerful, perfect hostess self.

I love these people!
In all their goofy glory!

Until next year!