Sunday, September 9, 2012

We're House Hunting!

We are soooo grown ups now! 

We had the craziest ever choose-where-we-want-to-live-for-the-next-million-years decision to make this summer and Utah won.  

Which also means Austin has accepted a position as freshly promoted partner at Linx!  This is handy since half of his wardrobe has this splashed all over it. 

We did have to get over one little detail in order to stick around in Happy Valley:

"Choosing to live in Utah doesn't make you any less righteous."

Ha, this sounds silly, but it did really seem that we would be more useful outside of this fair state and it took us some time to realize, you know what, we like it here!  There is plenty of work for us to do in the kingdom right where we stand.  With His stamp of approval we are now on the hunt for our own little cottage. 

Austin sides with safe neighborhoods, good location, big backyard, extra parking, minimal TLC...a jetted tub wouldn't hurt. 
I'm crossing my fingers for one that comes with 7 dwarves, friendly birds, a laughing brook, and flower boxes, but apparently they don't make those anymore.  

The other day we decided to go look at some houses while babysitting M an B.  I made them each a stack of paper that looked like this:

B had a magnet as his "metal detector" and M had a make up brush to dust for fingerprints.  

Here is some of the feedback:

-"It's close to Miss Laura's house" (a former preschool teacher)
-"The backyard is big but it has lots of dry spots."

-"upstairs smells like fish"
-"downstairs smells like grapes"

-"there are lots of wasps in the front yard."

So if anyone knows of any houses that don't smell like grapes and has a wasp-free yard, M is interested.  :)

P.S. My fridge sounds like an airplane taking off...should I be concerned?