Thursday, December 13, 2012

Just Kickin' Around

Baby boy is kicking, and I can feel it!  Like right now, this second he is saying, "hey, hey I've got legs! whats up!  

Feeling my baby move around and flail his little limbs is the most comforting, beautiful thing.  Because of our adventures trying to have a baby, I feel a little bit like I've been pregnant for two years with nothing to show for it.  Oh, but let me tell you, actually feeling our baby make his presence known makes this so real.  We are actually going to have three people in our family by summer...crazy.

I tried to imagine what "quickening" would feel like while lying awake at night pretending those gas bubbles were Jr., but my imagination failed on this one.  It feels more wonderful than I dreamed.  Pregnancy is such a miracle.

The day that Austin gets to feel our little guy punch will be pretty special too, but for now I am REVELING in today; when my belly is still small enough that I can sleep on my tummy, but little pokes and flutters in my womb reassure me that our baby is doing just fine.

We had our 20 week ultrasound today!  Skippadeedooda, Austin got to come this time!

The guy who took the pictures was really great; he taught us all about what we were looking at.  Baby Fife has four chambers in his heart, two hemispheres in his brain, and impressive flexibility.  He was folded in half with his feet up by his face!

The craziest thing was watching him move on the screen while feeling him move at the same time.

In other good news, my subchorionic hemorrhage has disappeared!  Yay!


Once upon a time I was really jealous of short girls.  They are so cute and little, they can wear heels on blind dates, sudden movements are less likely to send furniture toppling over, and finding sweaters with arms long enough to snuggle over their hands is no problem.  But, now I'm 20 weeks pregnant and I am singing praises to the gap between my little baby bump and my ribs.  May that glorious space forgive me for ever wishing I was short.

We're sticking around... just a little bit longer

Make up your mind already!!  I know, I know.

Our poor bishop and Relief Society pres don't know what to do with us.  This the third time we've told them we are outa here only to come back sheepishly with "just a few more months" as the new plan.

It was apparent after a couple weeks that Austin was going to be most successful working for TruForce from here in good ol' Provo Utah.  At least until the summer; then we are off to Denver, CO to sell;  THEN we are moving to Arizona.  sigh.

Good news:

Free rent in exchange for babysitting continues.
I get to start "nesting" immediately.
Mom doesn't have to stress about getting to AZ for baby time.
Austin has his own bonafide office space, complete with an adorable part-time secretary (me!)

Baby Update:

I felt our little guy move last night!  A sweet little fluttery feeling.  I sat straight up in bed and gasped with excitement.  Poor Austin I scared the living daylights out of him.  :)

Morning/Everytime-of-day sickness has subsided. Hooray!  Along with it left the food aversions and weird lemon cravings.