Monday, February 27, 2012

Feeling Twirly

Happy thoughts:

-Austin singing Italian opera while flinging pizza dough into the air.
-Giggling before falling asleep in our blue gingham covered bed.
-Megatron (our pet vacuum, who is cleaning my house while I'm on campus)
-Stepping outside to find it just as warm outside as it was inside.  Woooooh!  I did a happy dance on the porch, and almost unlocked the door to go back inside and fling all the windows open in delight.
-The look my husband gave me when I offered beets as an acceptable snack option.
-I have a Blendtec finding it's way to me.  We are talking ice cream, hot soup, wheat grinding, nut milk, green smoothie, milk creaming, blends everything but Chuck Norris AMAZINGNESS!
-Melanie Dueck's peanut butter cupcakes.
-Getting directions that included "on the south side of..." and knowing what that meant.  I didn't even have to say "Never Eat Soggy Waffles" under my breath.  
-This picture from Austin's mission. ---------->
-Visiting teaching
-Bows, ribbons, and flowers.
-My business cards, complete with QR codes.
-The Sunflower Farmers Market, they had me at sunflower.
-Spring is coming!

Here's hoping your Monday is a little brighter.

Friday, February 24, 2012

The War On Pornography!

I'm on the mailing list and occasionally I get news from Morality in the Media, Porn Harms, and War on Illegal Pornography with calls to action and petitions to sign.  Today I received one that I'll paste on the end of this post.  It freaked me out.  I was reminded how real the war is. 

And I see a problem...

I am passionate about fighting this disgusting filth and yet I am nervous to post this even now as I type it.


Oh, probably because,

I know everyone who reads this post is probably already doing their part to promote goodness in this world.

People might assume someone close to me has an addiction (which isn't true to my knowledge.)

I am trying to focus on the many wonderful and sweet things this earth and it's people have to offer. 

When I think too much about the hurt and evil in the world I get discouraged.  

It's just "not enough."

People will think I'm being a goody-two-shoes.

But I can't be silent!  I just can't!  Virtue needs a voice.  So hopefully this isn't too much of a downer to hear, but there is a problem in the world that deserves our attention: pornography; pornography addiction, child pornography, violent pornography, crimes against women....

yucky, sad, heartbreaking problems. 

I'd tell you to go to a, but they have been temporarily taken down because of hacking threats from the porn industry, but you can still donate by clicking hereHopefully they will be up and running again soon.

Let's let people know that we won't stand for this!  There are so many groups who are making a difference and we can be part of the stand for morality, virtue, decency, modesty, love, kindness, respect, fidelity, family, and hope. 

Here is some empowering information and places you can go to make a difference:

What one person can do about pornography
Pure Hope
 Starting with the family
Out in the Light
White Ribbon Against Pornography
Internet Safety Project

Here is the letter I got this morning:

Dear Tikla,

As you may have read or heard, we are under a heavy, sustained attack by the porn industry, by the group Anonymous, and by literally tens of thousands of pornography advocates. Let me explain:

Last Friday, on her airplane flight to speak at a conference in Houston, our executive director, Dawn Hawkins, witnessed the man in front of her viewing violent pornography on his iPad – he wasn’t hiding it and it was of young girls and may have been child porn.

The Delta flight attendant refused to ask the man to refrain from looking at it. So Dawn told him to stop and then, when she left the plane, reported the man to Delta and to the airport police because, especially if it was child porn, it must be reported as a violation of federal law. Then she made a short YouTube video about the experience to call attention to the need for airlines to protect passengers from those, like this man, who view porn on planes.

Soon after the video was up, the porn industry, through their trade magazine, Adult Video News, attacked Dawn in an editorial, not the man looking at porn on the plane, for being uncomfortable at being forced to look at porn in a public place.

Then a foul-mouthed man posted a YouTube video harshly criticizing Dawn for the same, but this video was viewed by tens of thousands of porn supporters who made very threatening, sexually-oriented comments about Dawn.

This led to the international group “Anonymous” taking up the cause of attacking Dawn. They somehow got Dawn’s personal cell phone number, as well as her parent’s personal information, and posted it on their website urging people to harass her. Both Dawn and her family have been under sustained attack with threatening calls for the last 24 hours. (I had not realized that promotion of pornography was such an important issue with Anonymous – the group that has been hacking many corporate and government websites!)

I now fear for Dawn’s safety.

Can you imagine the depths of depravity of the attackers? What did Dawn do but bravely stand up for what is right – when no one else would! Her attackers are outraged and are urging public support for the man and for the right to view pornography on airplanes.

Now our office is under attack as well. We had to take down our websites temporarily to prevent these people from doing what they said they would do – hack them. Many are also calling our office with harassing messages.

We have instituted security measures to protect Dawn and our staff. We are in contact with the FBI. That is all I can say on this so far.

When Dawn and our staff got involved in this fight, we all knew that we were up against many distorted people. We recognized that this would not be easy.

We want you to know that bullying tactics will not stop us from declaring the truth - that PORNOGRAPHY HARMS! Not only have millions of lives been harmed, but there is now a wealth of evidence - scientific proof - that pornography is wreaking havoc on our society. It seems that NO FAMILY is untouched.

We will not let the pornographers and their patrons to win this war. Please continue your support and help spread the word to other supporters.

We are grateful for the support of so many of you – YOU know what we are up against. In addition to the hateful messages and threats, we have received many messages of support and encouragement. A majority of Americans are on our side.

Please keep Dawn and our staff in your prayers.

Patrick A. Trueman
President & CEO Morality in Media

Disney Princess Energy Profiles

So my sister has introduced me to Energy Profiling developed by Carol Tuttle and I went a little overboard...

If you haven't heard of this before none of the rest of this post will make sense so check it out first or just mosey along to something else.

In my opinion:

Snow White: Type 2

The dwarves take to her easily because she is so sweet, and she is genuinely concerned for the comfort of her companions, even to the point of making a pie for Grumpy.  She is slow and gentle and soft. 

Falls for a Type 4? We don’t see enough of him to know for sure.

Aurora: Type 4

Sure she has her sweet moments with the animals, but it’s not “cute,” it’s contemplative.  You never see her flustered or scattered. 

Fell for a Type 3

Cinderella: Type 2

Even in the face of complete injustice she keeps her cool.  Her rebellion against cuelty is emotional, but innocent and composed.  She has a soft relaxed air about her.  Even at the ball she stands out because of her fluid grace not her “TA DA! I’m here!” 

Fell for a Type 3

Ariel: Type 3

At first I thought she was a Type 1, her face is, but she is a doer.  All it takes is the goal to be on land and she takes the steps to make it happen.  She doesn’t wait around for an explanation or a long winded story.  She is too busy getting the next thing accomplished.  She is wild and exciting!

Fell for a Type 2

Belle: Type 2

She is so decidedly a 2!  She is gentle, but her connection to her father is more important than her fears.  Her opinions are voiced in sensitive ways.  Even to the jerk Gaston her reason for kicking him out of the house into the mud is because, “I just don’t deserve you.”  She sees the good in people because she is sensitive enough to care.   

Fell for a Type 3

Jasmine: Type 3
To the point

She is not one to go with the flow or with convention.  She pushes her boundaries and daringly gets what she wants.  She is can show up her boy with her athletics and doesn’t take nonsense from anyone. 

Fell for a Type 1

Mulan: Type 3

Tries to conform to her society’s rules, but can’t be herself that way.  Takes action!  She is quick moving and savvy.  Saying no, just makes her work harder. 

Fell for a Type 4

Pocahontas: Type 4

What a regal presence she has.  Even when she is taking on something daring like diving off a cliff or saving a life she does it with a regal and exact poise.  She thinks deeply and knows immediately when something is right or wrong, hence the position she takes. 

Fell for a Type 4

Tiana: Type 3
Hard working
Problem Solver

If you want something done and done right, she is your girl.  Her focus and hard-work is vigorous.  She is frustrated by time wasted and anything that is unproductive.  Her attitude is magnetic and her high-spirits are attractive. 

Falls for a Type 1

Rapunzel: Type 1

Last of all we finally have a Type 1 princess!  Isn’t that interesting!  I think we always assume all the twirly, flowery, happy-go-lucky Disney princesses are Type 1.  But no, the only example I’ve found is Rapunzel.  She could walk up to anyone and not just speak to them, but get them to dance around the city square with her.  She is adorable and doesn’t know it, but definitely a little scatterbrained. 

Falls for a Type 3

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Spoonful of Sugar

I know this will be all the cuter and more interesting when my own kids are saying things like this, but for now you'll just have to accept this as my practice.  My "internship for motherhood" has been pretty insightful. 

Just a few gems from 4-year-old B this week:

"Sister Fife, you just love Brother Fife sooooo much!"  *shakes head side to side slowly*

"um...Sister Fife, you're hair is looking very silly."

"Here's the deal, (insert proposition to do exactly what I've just told him he can't)."

"I want some splendid man juice." (his new name for grape juice, he even drew a picture story about it.)

"You always think you are the boss, you're not!  Heavenly Father is,  I'm gonna go say a prayer!" *stomp stomp stomp*

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ode to Austin: My Undying Love

I could use this post to apologize for being in love to all those who celebrated Singles Awareness Day.  But, I don't feel like it.  So if you don't want to read a bunch of mushy, gushy love stuff, you may be excused. 


"I cannot say that I was ready for this.
But when worlds collide,
and all that I have is all that I want.
The words seem to flow
and the thoughts they keep running.
And all that I have is yours.
All that I am is yours.
Painted skies.
I've seen so many that cannot compare
to your ocean eyes."

-Mae "Sun and the Moon"

And all that I have is yours.
All that I am is yours.

There were several moments yesterday where we found ourselves silently looking into each others eyes.  No words, because sometimes words just get in the way.  Except for when they don't.  Like when you whispered your love in my ear. 

Can't stop thinking about that. 

Sometimes Valentines Day seems silly.  How could all these feelings ever really be expressed in a love note, or a dinner, or a flower.  They can't...but a love note from you is all bundled up with other things:

goofy faces         hours of work
serious disagreements, lovingly sorted out
selfless questions like, "what can I improve on?"
strong shoulders that welcome teary mascara stains
laughing with me when I dump the entire
berry cream pie on the kitchen floor.
evenings of closing the curtains
 hundreds of sweet kisses

Very RELAXED and happy after our massages yesterday. sigh. 

I can't help myself.  Love like ours is hard to hide. 

Oh yeah, and he puts up with this face.  He even does this face now.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Well Applesauce Ladies!

BYU's Big Band Night was delightful!

Oh yes!  Red lips, live band, singing, swing dancing, slow dancing, victory rolls, old fashioned microphone, a bit of acting, sparkly dress....Note: the totally legit head mic. 
there is one more dream fulfilled.  

I was lucky enough to be the hostess for the evening, sing in three numbers, and act in the skit.

Highlights from the evening?  Oh yes, there were oodles.

-Mom, Dad, Gram gram and Hempa came! 
-Austin's super amazing support of my audition for this in the first place
-My sneak-away-from-backstage dance with my handsome man.
-His killer swing moves even though the poor guy was having back spasms.
-White gloves.
-"You should be an actress" -anonymous audience member
-"You handled that very professionally" -microphone techs
-I didn't trip on anything.
-"It was like watching Ginger Rogers." -fellow cast member, after the Chatanooga Choo Choo novelty dance number.
I could die happy.
-narrowly missing an audience member with my prop suitcase during the afore mentioned sing and dance number.

Most of the night I spent behind a blue curtain memorizing my next line before rushing on to announce the next performer, but when I had the line down I danced with myself back there hidden from the audience, or so I thought.  After cutting a rug during "Lullaby of Broadway" I noticed Austin standing behind the drink table where I was in full view.  Oh dear. 

Can you believe that handsome man is sick and in pain and still swinging up a storm.  Wowza I'm a lucky girl. 

Folks, it was a swell evening.  We were togged to the bricks, diggin' the tunes, and jivin' with the swanky city slickers. I'm gonna take a powder, so thanks for reading this goobledygook, about being stuck on my drooly, hoofing, and having a ball!

Dear everything 1940's,

I love you.

Rosie from the New York Stage Door Canteen.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Beast

Austin has a new toy. 

It's been on his wish list for a while now. 

I told him, no. 

Then using his super amazing power of persuasion and phrases like

Think of all the free stuff we could pick up
We could help people all the time
Imagine taking it up into the mountains and stuff
Dad will give me the boat if we have one

and I said,

Okay, but you owe me a backrub. 

Here is the good news.  I LOVE it.  How could I not.  It's YELLOW!!!!  MY FAVORITE COLOR IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!  yup.

Here it is. 

Austin is calling it "the beast," but I still haven't ruled out, "wasp," "blaze," "daisy," "cutie bug," and "dandylion."

Friday, February 3, 2012

Deuteron-a-marry me?

When I was in seminary, one of my super awesome teachers helped us remember that the scripture mastery verse in Deuteronomy 7 was about marriage.  That's pretty much the only thing that stuck with me from our discussion of Deuteronomy... "I am ashamed"..


Lately, Austin and I have been reading from the Old Testament together.  Most of the time my sleepy self gets confused by the instructions on the law of Moses, bored by the lists of genealogy, and giggly at the funny names, but last night we found a diamond of a chapter. 

As we read Deuteronomy 6 we both perked up, scooched up against the pillows to see better, and inserted "mmmmmmm"s and "uhum"s in between paragraphs.  Let me give you a snippet:

" give thee great and goodly cities, which thou buildedst not,
11 And houses full of all good things, which thou filledst not, and wells digged, which thou diggedst not, vineyards and olive trees, which thou plantedst not; when thou shalt have eaten and be full;
12 Then beware lest thou aforget the Lord, which brought thee forth out of the land of Egypt, from the house of bondage."

That is exactly the way we live now!  I just chowed down an apple from a tree I didn't plant.  I didn't pray for rain so it would grow, or sweat in the orchard pruning, and digging.  Ironically, its easier to forget the Lord's hand in things when they are handed to you.  I guess that's why we have trials, to remind us we are dependent on Him. 

Timely scripture for me; God has been so good to us lately.  Our needs are met and many of our wants.  Now is the time to REMEMBER the Lord, and "beware, let thou forget"  how many times He has delivered us from difficult things through his enabling atonement.   

Speaking of the atonement.  There is a talk by David A. Bednar, that our sacrament meeting was based on last week.  Powerful stuff, I highly recommend it.