Wednesday, April 18, 2012

We All Want to Move to Heber, the First Picnic of the Season, and Smoke Gets in our Eyes...

Fife Reunion a la Heber was a success!

Don't be too jealous of our mansion.  Frankly, you could have put this group in a tin shack underground and they would have had a good time.  There were no expectations, no demands, just much rejoicing--oh yes and much fishing. 

 Windy!  Good thing the Oklahoma boys brought their kite!

Can you believe there are two little girls on Samantha's lap! 

I love this sweet family...wait a second.  Where is Michaela bug?

Not to worry, she's with Grampa makin' sand castles and talkin'.  Or following deer tracks, heading up adventures, and blessing my life.

May I take a moment to recognize the undaunted efforts of this valiant fisherman.  

Did he stop when the pole was stolen leaving behind only the pink princess option? No!
Did he call it quits when a rather important part of the newly purchased fishing pole flung itself into the watery depths? No!

With fishing line in his bare hand...

...he looked the insurmountable odds in the face and laughed.  

That was a pretty good fish story, wouldn't you say?

 Sadly I got very few pictures of the Dustin/Amber fam, who really must come live next door to us or I don't know what I'll do.  I'm mean look at that little hat-tassel-eating-face.  And now that we are blendtech buddies there is really nothing to be negotiated.  We will kick the neighbors out tomorrow.

Glad we got that settled.  

Meanwhile back at the ranch, my sisters came to visit!

 Completely with out prompt or script Austin suggested a picnic to which I calmly agreed  squealed with delight and ran to grab the watermelon basket.  

Thanks Starr and Tori for sharing our first picnic of the year. *sniff*  

Saipan friends joined us that night for singing, roasting, and catching up.  I can't believe how many of us are in Utah now!  

 I don't know what was in those pine needles, but that smoke was all up in everyone's eyes. 

Come back soon...I know, I know "stop taking pictures of us sleeping and we'll think about it." but look how cute you two are!