Monday, May 7, 2012


For your information:  
Austin has been alive for approximately 9,125 days.  
I've known him for 1,038 days. 
He is 1/4 of the way to 100 years old.

 25 years old today.  

We celebrated early with a bucket of balls at the golf course, a hike to bridal veil falls, a massage, and finally a baseball game-complete with ever coveted, rarely indulged, over-priced soft pretzels.  

He was still feeling a little sick for the friends and cake portion of the birthday.  So rather than blow germs all over everyone's cheesecake,  he politely delegated the wish obtaining blow to me.  Hope it was a good wish, because it's coming true. 

This is his attempt at a I'm-blowing-out-the-candles face.  Convincing?

Happy Birthday my love.  

You make 
loving you easy, 
serving you a joy,
missing you painful.

Here's to a lifetime of birthdays.