Sunday, July 28, 2013

Reflecting: Two and a Half Months of Motherhood

Today I walked into the bedroom to find James drifting off to sleep with his little fist tight around his-- equally sleepy-- daddy's finger.  *sigh* So adorable.

Colorado is wonderful.  Every day is sunny and warm and then mid-afternoon to evening there is a little rain and/or thunder storm that rolls off the mountain to cool everything down and then the sun comes out just long enough to say goodnight before slipping down out of sight.

Austin and I have learned a lot about ourselves this summer.  Mostly good things.  Motherhood is even sweeter than I anticipated.  I had two days of baby blues, but since then it's been mostly happy baby yellows.  Life is simple. slow. thoughtful.

James has made a discovery.  He has hands!  These days he is either holding them together in front of his little chest or cramming as much of them as he can into his mouth.  Austin and I can't help but laugh when we hear the loud "hand snacking" on the baby monitor when he loses his pacifier.

I'll never get tired of Austin saying, "What troubles you, my son?" In a dramatic voice when our baby boy gets concerned about something.

A few things to know about James:

He arches way back when you pick him up, as though he is trying to see everything around and above without missing anything.  He stays stiffly arched until he is too tired, then and only then, will he slouch over my shoulder.

He doesn't like being swaddled.  He wants his arms and legs free thank you very much.

He is still obsessed with ceiling fans.

Mornings are his favorite.  I'm greeted with a very smiley boy first thing in the morning and after his morning nap.  Afternoons are okay, and evenings are kinda cranky.  Until daddy comes home anyway. Then he is all smiles.  Which leads me to the next one.

James is a daddy's boy!  When I'm out of ideas to calm him down, Austin takes over and James is immediately a happy camper.  Baths were a very serious affair until daddy gave one and he was all smiles.  I'll be nursing him and then daddy comes in and says a few words and James is too distracted to finish.  He loves the sound of his voice and the touch on his tiny nose.  And you know what?  I love it!

In the words of Aunt Amber he is a "champion burper"  I wouldn't have known.  He is my first burper. :)

He has the saddest little frown.  It breaks my heart.

At his two month check up he was placed in the 99 percentile for height, 97 percentile for head size and 72 percentile for weight... . :D  He is a BIG BOY!

We've decided that James was born looking like Austin, then started looking like me, and now... he just looks like himself: James Luther Fife.  

All in all, my transition to motherhood has been wonderful.  I think it helps that I kinda like sewing, cooking, singing, playing, folding, and all those other "mom things" already, so for me this really is the dream job.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

24 Years of Life and Two Months of Motherhood

For my birthday Austin flew James and me to Cedar City!  This little traveler was completely at home on the plane.  As soon as the engine started he was OUT!

I requested a watermelon cake.  IT WAS AMAZING!  Thank you mommy! :)  

Isn't that the happiest cake you've ever seen!

James was VERY loved.  

His fist stroller ride!


Then it rained.  So we danced.

The best birthday present was tickets to Tuachan's Marry Poppins with a backstage tour.

James was fixed on something so dad looked too. :)

 James in Jane and Michael's nursery.

Thanks for a wonderful birthday.  I couldn't ask for more supportive, loving family.  I love you!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Strong Love

I think the greatest lessons I've ever learned were not spoken; they came from watching.  My favorite lesson to watch?  ...My parents marriage.  It began 25 years ago today.
I watch them disagree about things and then politely listen to each other until they come to a compromise.

I watched mom's eyes overflow with admiration for dad as she gazed at him through the kitchen window while he messed with the sprinkler system in the parking strips.

I watched my dad's tired steps when he came home from work and escaped into the bedroom only to appear ten minutes later with sparkling eyes and energy to entertain us while mom finished making dinner.

I watched mom and dad tell the most romantic story in the world.  The one where they met and fell in love and were married.  I never tire of hearing it over and over and over again.

I watched the most comforting sights in the world: my parents cracking each other up, or dancing, or smooching.

I watched pain that came from life, and the more frustrating pain that comes from not being able to do anything to help.

I've seen sacrifice, communication, love poems and songs.

I've seen flaws and more often than not I've seen flaws overlooked.

I've seen strong love.

Happiest of Anniversaries to my two favorite love birds!