Thursday, November 14, 2013

Reflecting: 6 Months of Motherhood

The latest accomplishments of James Luther Fife:

waving his hands in front of him as if he is conducting music.
taking two things and putting them together-his stroller straps, monkey's arms, etc.
"chewing" air
sitting up by himself
clapping his feet together
shaking his head "no" --this is particularly funny when it happens just after Austin asks, "do you stink?"
lasting a record 15 minutes in his bouncer before getting sad
throwing a silent"tantrum" lifting his middle with his feet over and over when he doesn't want to be on the ground or in his carseat
finding cords of all varieties and chewing on them
growing hair (it's officially brown)

And now some mommy reflecting:

Everything I learned to do before James came to town has been so worth it.  It's slow doing anything with him to care for and even slower learning and starting new habits.  I'm still making changes for the better, but I'm grateful for every meal I cooked, floor I scrubbed, virtuous thought I entertained, relationship I fostered before I became a mother that make doing those things now all the easier.

I finally have a little nest for my little family!  Being a mommy bird in our new house is heaven on earth.  (post on the house coming soon.)

In a big picture view, All my dreams have come true.  We own a sweet little house, I am married to my best friend, we have a little boy, I get to stay home with that little boy,  I've learned how to learn, my parents, brothers, and sisters are loving and supportive, my family is eternally sealed together, my sister is getting married, I have the best in-laws anyone could ask for, I have a ward family, a divinely organized church to attend, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ as a guide for my life.

And they lived happily ever after.

Alright, I know our "ever after" is still going to be full of difficult times, and even right now there are hard things, but right now the Lord has given us a period of rest, prosperity, and blessings.

I'm so grateful.

I know there are a ton of pictures of him in this seat, but he is just so cute in it!!!  What's a mom to do?