Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Wonders of Pregnancy

So, I've got the greatest husband ever.  He should write a book called "How to Make your Pregnant Wife Feel Super Loved."  It would be a best seller I'm sure of it.

I'm telling you, there was a mountain, a mountain of clean laundry in the corner of our bedroom this morning and now that room is spotless and I didn't fold a single wash cloth.

I haven't been blogging much about my pregnancy.  I think it's probably because when Austin and I were struggling to keep our previous three pregnancies I was a little bugged by pregnancy updates and even more bugged by pregnancy complaints.  I mean of course I was happy for everyone, but it was a sad reminder at the same time.

And the other reason I haven't been blogging is I've had a fantastic pregnancy!  And I know that might bug a few people too... :)   Oh dear, what's a girl to do!

Well I've decided, people get bugged, that is just life.  I'm going to gush a little about mommy stuff, so if that will make you sad don't read on.

I love this baby!  There is no way to explain the feeling of tiny toes tickling from the inside or the rhythmic pulse of little hiccups.  He is so fragile, but so strong!  Sometimes he literally braces himself against my hip or pelvic bone and stretches out his legs like he's doing a superman pose.

My body amazes me.  I've got extra blood coursing through my veins, an entire new organ called a placenta just for feeding and protecting the baby, and skin that can stretch!  My heart has actually grown a little bit bigger than usual because I've got 50% more blood pumping through it.  If that isn't adorable a don't know what is.  Plus my new superpower (incredible sense of smell) is actually protecting me and the baby from food poisoning because I am more aware of whether food has gone bad or not.

It's incredible to realize that God has entrusted his sons and daughters with the power to create life.  I'm so grateful I waited to use that power to show love until I was married.  Now a little boy, who will one day grow to a man, will be joining our family in the next few weeks.  He has a mommy and a daddy who will love and protect him, teach him and learn from him.

His little socks are packed with his tiny hat and clothes and we are ready for the moment he decides it's time to start his earth experience.  I alternate between excitement knowing this is all so REAL, and then the next moment I'm thinking there is no way this is really happening.  We are going to be parents?  Austin and I are just a couple dorks!  Who decided that was a good idea?

P.S. I just dropped my phone into my bowl of cereal.  Oh, Tikla.  :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Austin's Blog Post

It's my turn again! I wanted to take this chance to update all of our friends and family on our current status before some significant changes happen.

 We're having a baby! Our son's "guess date" is April 30th but we're anticipating later than that (Tikla's Mom was always late with her kids). We are stoked!!!

Under Tori Brown's direction, Tikla had an awesome baby shower the last Saturday in March. Duckies, lots of yellow, tickling and giggling - Well at least that's what I imagined. It sounds like it was a total blast. We had my Mom and Sister in town that weekend and the first week in April. Tons of fun!

When our son is born it'll be somewhat of a scramble to get everything packed up and ready to go for the big move. We'll be in Denver this summer and then moving semi-permanently to Arizona. We'll probably bless him (as long as everything goes smoothly) within a week and a half to two weeks after he's born. Then we're off to Denver.

 Things are winding down at work too. While the recruiting season is not over, TruForce has certainly had a last minute sprint to the finish line with recruits. We've probably hired 25-30 for the summer in the last 2-3 weeks. The new app for the iPad is totally amazing and the service vehicles for Denver are wrapped and ready to go. Things are really coming together and we are excited to get out and work hard this summer.

 We have lots of great friends here in Utah. Like I never imagined, it'll be extremely difficult to leave here. I graduated here, met Tikla here, had our "newlywed" phase here and started my career here. Especially in the last three years Tikla and I have really come to enjoy Utah. We have so many good memories here. Vivian Park in Provo where I asked Tikla to be my girlfriend in 2008 and the many motorcycle rides since. Frozen yogurt during trying times. Waterskiing on Deer Creek and Utah Lakes. Timpanogos Temple where I proposed and we got married. Dozens of trips down to Cedar City to visit Tikla's family. BYU Football either on TV at the office or at the stadium. Golf! So many great memories in so many great places here. We built our first home here - We've cried together, laughed together and grown together in our little apartment in north Provo. For me these years have been times of learning, trial and pure joy.

 But most important are the friendships and relationships we have created and catered here. We thank everyone who has been a part of our lives. 2008-2013 will live on in our memories as some of the sweetest years because of our good friends. We love all of you and thank you individually for your contribution to our lives.

 As much as we have loved our time in Utah, we are just as excited for our next journey. We do not know everything the Lord has in store for us. Nonetheless, we are excited to take that next step. "One step enough for me". We are filled with faith that we will be provided for and that we can be a blessing to our community in Arizona. We again thank all of your who have been such a blessing in our lives. We will never forget your kind words, game nights, cookies, brownies, dinner parties, and love you have shared with us. We love you ALL!!!