Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pictures of my Sweet Little Boy

A few things I love about being James' mom:

-Napping with him zonked out on my chest

-Watching his lips get all squishy when he falls asleep in his swing

-Watching him fall asleep, forget the sleep when baby sleeps mantra, over here it's watch baby sleep when baby sleeps. :)  (I'm well aware that is a luxury that won't last long, so spare me the "just wait until the next baby comes" comments. :D)  

-Especially with his chubby arms straight above his head. :)  

-Catching him smiling in his sleep

-Tummy time

-Smiley Time! 

-Watching him grow.  He changes every day and I couldn't be happier to be his mommy. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Parable of the Trucker

James and I took a road trip last week.  All by ourselves.  Austin was in AZ so we decided rather than sit at home and miss him we would drive 9 hours to Cedar City to visit Marmee and Grandpa.

My stress level was off the charts when we left, but by the time we were making our last miles back on the return trip I was totally chill.  I actually think the whole adventure gave me more confidence in taking James places all by my lonesome.

It helped that I taped a mirror up to the rear view window so I could see his tiny sleeping face.  Without that genius idea, I'm pretty sure we would have spent half the trip pulled over to the side of the highway with emergency lights flashing so I could ease my paranoid mommy heart every time he squeaked.

Can you see his tiny face??

All in all it was a pretty uneventful drive.  One blowout diaper, 7 awkward nursing-in-the-car stops,  lots of sleeping, and plenty of Josh Groban.  

It was SO nice to be with my family.  Heart melting moments abounded.  Best of all, was saying, "oh, James needs a change!" and having three people fighting for the honor.

It's comforting knowing that no matter how much a fail as a parent, he has so many good examples.  

Do you want to see something cute?  Watch this little bonding moment.

The outfit is curtesy of Uncle Sterling, and these "exercises" have been dad's specialty ever since I was born. :) 

I had some time to think while we were winding the mountains of Utah and Colorado and I was taking note of how many signs and precautions are set up just for trucks.  

I whizzed past slow-poke semis snailing their way up or downhill, lights flashing.  If I were a truck I'd be mighty embarrassed.  

Often before a downward slope there would be a sign that said "6% grade trucks use lower gears."  On one particular hill the road leveled off for a mile or so and a sign caught my attention.  "Trucks don't be fooled, 6% grade continues for 3 miles."  

I can't stop thinking about that sign.  

Isn't that exactly how satan works sometimes?  I'll be improving something in my life or repenting and feeling pretty good about my progress.  I see all the other wonderful people (little cars) doing awesome even without extra precautions.  I think to myself, "hey I'm doing great and the road doesn't even seem that steep anymore."  I'm fooled into thinking I will be fine without the "little things" and before you know it, I need a runaway truck ramp.  

Funny how life lessons can be found almost anywhere.   

Monday, June 3, 2013


The sweet simple joys of motherhood are so hard to record.  How do I adequately describe the baby smell, the soft skin, the squeaky coos, and wide blue eyes of my delicious baby boy?

I just have to gather them all up in my heart and keep them safe.  That way when tomorrow night at 3 AM when he is nursed, burped, and changed and I lay him down in his bed only to have him noisily fills his diaper AGAIN, I'll be patient and loving. :)

I love the way little spit bubbles form on his lips when he is super relaxed; his enormous burps that seem to big for his tiny body;  and his tiny noises.

Bath time is the best!  I was nervous the first time because my mom said that for my first bath she and I were both crying the whole time.  My nervousness was unnecessary.  James loves baths!  Granted he spends most of the time with a wide-eyed "what-is-going-on" face, but I think I've mastered the water temperature because he is content the entire time I'm washing his neck creases and in between his toes.  Then when he is all clean I dry him off, fluff up his hair, and snuggle him into some footy jammies.

James is fascinated by ceiling fans.  He will be bobbing around on my shoulder, lean back and suddenly freeze as he catches sight of the dark fan against the white ceiling. If I never moved he might just keep staring at it forever.

Hiccups were so cute when I was pregnant with him and they still are, but the poor guy can't stand them.  They annoy him to no end.  He is just sitting there minding his own business when *hic.*  He gets all flustered and his brow furrows.  When his eyebrows resume their position again *hic!*  Sigh.

I've finally discovered the purpose of yawning.  James will be dancing around, thrashing wildly, and totally uninterested in settling down so mommy and daddy can have some alone time.  Then suddenly his lips open wide and his whole face scrunches up, and when those kissable lips come back together his whole body relaxes and with a few more sways and bounces he might just be ready for bed.

TMI alert:  Nursing has been an adventure.  For the first few days we rocked!  He was an excellent latcher and I was comfortable.  Then my milk came in...dun dun dun!!!   My body missed the memo about us having only one baby instead of four.  The sweet peaceful nursing we enjoyed turned into a very wet, sputtering, coughing ordeal.  Now I just lie completely down on my back and burp him very often.  We are still figuring out the whole nursing-in-public-with-a-cover-and-burp-cloths-stuffed-everywhere-situation.  Today at church I ended up awkwardly hugging the diaper bag to my chest for most of the meetings to hid the evidence from our mother's room party.  But hey, he has gained a pound and a half already so we must be doing something right. :)  And I love that desperate head bob as he searches and the loud contented gulping that signals he found me.

The diaper changing station is atop the vanity and speaking of which, James loves his reflection!  Diaper changes are a no hassle situation now, he just stares at his sweet self the whole time.

Being a mommy has slowed things down.  It takes at least an hour longer to go anywhere, but I also take extra time deeply thinking, watching beautiful things, and giving loads and loads of kisses without trying to be too busy.