Monday, February 24, 2014

Reflecting: 9 and a Half Months of Motherhood

I know it's only been a few weeks since I wrote a reflection post, but I had to record the story of the floor bed.  Here it is, in all it's trying-to-be-a-good-parent glory.

Right about the time he was old enough to move from his co-sleeper to a crib, my mom sent me an article from a Montessori blog about floor beds.   What? That's right, a mattress on the ground for baby to sleep in.  We aren't "Montessori parents" by any stretch of the imagination, but I do enjoy the principles it teaches like observation, exploration, and independence.  They jive with my natural parenting instincts.  That being said, I thought the floor bed was right up my alley.  I told Austin about the benefits: no $ needed for a crib, independence for baby to play when he is awake and sleep when he is ready, teaching "edge awareness" for fewer tumbles down stairs and off playground equipment, and less negative trapped feelings associated with sleep.   He figured we didn't have anything to lose, so we baby proofed the babyroom, bought a crib mattress and set up his sleep spot right on the floor.  It worked great!  I felt validated as I watched him learn to come off the mattress feet first instead of face.  He genuinely seemed to like sleep time and everything was peachy keen.

Then he started crawling.

This is when he was supposed to play when he wasn't tired and then cutely scoot himself back to bed when he was.  What actually happened was miserable.  If we shut his door at night he would scoot himself out of bed crawl just in front of the door and bang and cry.  If we opened his door he would crawl out of his room and into ours!  James has never been a snuggly baby and to my surprise has always appreciated being able to settle himself to sleep rather than be cuddled to sleep.  So anytime we have to come back to his room is a step backwards for him.  With the new crawl and bang routine Austin and I were up replacing him to his bed several times a night.  To top it off, my attempts at nursing him back to sleep were met with his three sharp new teeth.  Biting mommy was "so funny!"

Finally Austin found me in tears in the hallway, and it dawned on both of us.  We don't have to do this!  There is this great invention out there called a crib!  We picked one out the very next day.

James is loving this new arrangement   The first night was a little rough when he figured out how to stand himself up against the rail, but after allowing him to settle himself back down without help.  It has been so a dream come true.  Last night he woke once for a midnight snack; I obliged.   Then he woke two other times, but to my delight he settled himself back to sleep in the time it took me to pull off my covers and walk toward my door.  That wasn't a possibility for him in the floor bed because the first thing he did was plop himself out of bed with no hope of return to the comfiness.  

Sweet sigh of relief.

Daytime is better too.  He is waking up happy from naps again and mommy and daddy are making progress on the bags under our eyes.

I'm sure the floor bed works for some babies and parents, but for this little guy, a crib is where it's at!

In other news,  James has perfected the "fake cry."  it looks something like this:


He loves music; the little body bob he grooves with is so fun. :)

Notice the Michelin arms?  I've been told they will disappear with all the crawling, but they are still here!  Take that!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Reflecting: 9 Months of Motherhood

These are happy, happy days!

Everyone was warning me, "Just you wait until he starts to crawl, then you're in for it!"  But let me tell you.  Now that this cutie is crawling my life is SO much easier!  He was so frustrated before.  It was a trick to keep him entertained.  He wanted to get at the world, but I didn't know what he wanted to get to!  Now he can scoot, crawl, roll, all over the world.

Granted he does bonk his poor little face A LOT while trying climb the walls, couches, dressers, table legs, etc.  Which led me to an interesting ponder session.

Without pain, James wouldn't be learning.

What??  It's true!  I do my best to put soft things in the way of corners and keep him from smashing and pinching fingers because it want him to be safe, but in the end it's his failures that teach him how the world works.

It's fascinating to watch him slowly lower his head to test the softness of a new surface instead of crazing in headlong like he used to.

How does my pain in life teach me?

Munch on that thought!

This bath time picture is out of date, he won't lie like this in the tub for anything anymore.  He immediately props himself up to sitting position.  

All done, get this bib off me!

I mustache you a question.

Helping me cook in the kitchen!  

New carseat!  He grew out of his infant one, (and apparently it's been recalled. :S) 


Folks he stood up in the tub yesterday!  Pulled himself right up with the edge, proud as can be.  


He got real sick for the first time and had to go to the doctor.  Compensation prize: a feverish baby is a snuggling baby, and we have NEVER had a snuggly baby before.

You know it's time for bed when...