Tuesday, August 19, 2014


This blog isn't usually for promoting things.  But I have a shout out to make.  For my birthday Tori was a cutie and sent me a "gift card" through GiftRocket and I think the concept is genius.

She was able to send me a customized little happy thought, a suggestion for where I should spend it, and then when I claimed my gift, it was transferred right in to my bank account (I could have had is sent as a check, paypal, or put on my credit card too.)  Anyway, like I said, I don't usually promote stuff, but it was so convenient I will probably never give an actual gift card again.

That's all.

Have a Happy Tuesday!

Monday, August 11, 2014

The Good Part About Bad Dreams

Nightmare last night.

I was chased, tricked, and in hiding.  I misplaced my baby.  Most of it's foggy by now, but I know at some point I realized it was a dream and it was going to be okay, I could ride it out until morning and waking up would be a happy ending.  I woke to James gabbing loudly to his stuffed bear and Austin's half smooshed sleeping face.

Waking up is usually hard.  As a mom I no longer wake up on my terms.  Waking up is dictated.  This morning was different.  I couldn't wait to get up and kiss my husband's morning breath and my baby's tousled hair.  Today waking up was a happy ending to a story I escaped.

I remember as a little girl knocking on my parents door in the middle of the night seeking comfort from bad dreams.  Dad usually woke first.  He was a lighter sleeper.  Comfort from dad often came like this, "Isn't it great that when you wake up your life is better than the nightmare?  Some people sleep and have dreams only to wake up to a very sad life.  Aren't you happy your life is better than bad dreams?"

Granted I've had my edible-rainbow and ability-to-fly dreams that were a little bit of a downer to wake from.  I can't bounce on clouds because they are made of water vapor?  Come on real life!  That's no fun!   But, all in all, I'm a pretty lucky gal.

Now, how can I use my life to make someone else's a little more bounce-on-the-clouds and a little less chased, tricked, and in hiding?  

Monday, August 4, 2014

Why Are You Not Awesome Yet?

I had a moment today.  

I was glorying in the accomplishments and beauty of people I love.  Just basking in the good in the world.  My thoughts drifted to all the swanky ideas I'm planning for my day, week, life. 

and then, 
out of the sneaky corners of my mind come the thoughts.  Those seemingly harmless notions that say, "why the heck are you still not awesome?"  You have all these plans, but look at you.  Blog scrolling, dreaming, even planning, but you're house is a mess, your meals are sub par, your current money making schemes are profiting zero, and you still don't like green smoothies.  Why aren't you there yet?  

Does your brain do this to you too?

What is the deal!  Here we are minding our own buisness and becoming a little better every day and then the demotivating whispers of comparison and self doubt come thudding in, tramatizing dreams and giving our pie in the sky plans postpartum.  It's just not nice! 

So to anyone else having a "why-are-you-not-awesome-yet" kind of day, week, life.  Here is the message:

We have accomplished SO MUCH!  Remember that time when you didn't know how to do that thing you really love now?  Remember when you were failing, but you stuck it out and now you know stuff?  ME TOO!  Let's keep doing that.  

(in case it wasn't clear, this is a choose your own adventure kind of pep talk.)  

Happy Monday!