Sunday, September 21, 2014

Reflecting: 16 Months of Motherhood

Timeout: I want to take a moment to reflect on watching fatherhood.  Today Austin initiated a tough-love-lets-be-reverent-in sacrament-meeting program for James.  It was the most attractive and manly thing I've ever seen in my life.  If James wanted to play quietly with toys, sit on mommy's lap, or flirt with the girls next to us he could stay in the chapel.  If he wanted to go and fold his arms in a boring old chair all he had to do was throw blocks at the sweet old lady in front of us, escape the pew and make for the hills, or scream.  I sat in awe, as Austin consistently enforced the new rule.  By the end of the meeting all James really learned was going to the foyer is the pits, but that is good enough for me.  Didn't I score an amazing man?  I tell ya.

Now back to motherhood.

James made himself dizzy yesterday by spinning in circles on the living room carpet.

Sometimes he starts turning circles when he knows it's time for bed and he's stalling.   It's cute, and he knows I can't help but stop to watch.

These are sweet, sweet days.  I will miss every phase we've been through, but Austin says this is the one he will miss the most.  In the same breath, it is a sweet, sweet moment when the baby monitor stops mumbling and a great hush falls over the house.

Mister Independent no longer needs mommy and daddy.  Or so it appears, since he has no problem sneaking all the way to the other side of the church building, or outside the grocery store doors toward the street, or all the way to the other end of the park with no concern about whether we are following or not.  We thought we'd test his limit.  See just how far he would go before discovering he was lost or missing his ever loving parents.  He didn't have one.  We hit our limit first, namely the street or the pulpit of the other wards sacrament meeting.

Oh, and this little dude is really starting to communicate with us!  Which brings wonders and terrors.  His most common requests are for "da da" (daddy) "ow-side" (outside) "mumumumumumumumumum" (yup that's me) "soos" (shoes) "ee" (eat) and "go."

I guess "shoes" and "go" mean about the same thing, one just follows the other.  The excitement when those little green sandals come out is uncontainable.

The cutest thing of all: his discovery that he can be funny.  And he LOVES it.  Funny faces, dances, stomping in place, if we laugh once it will happen again and again.  The best one was at the park the other day when he was exploring the field.  Austin and I were being boring parents on the bench and James looks over at us, waves, and calls out "bye bye."  We lost it.  Whether he knew it was funny to begin with, or made the discovery from our heaving laughter, he kept up the schtick as long as we kept laughing.  Turning around to say "bye bye" giggle and then start walking away as though he were off to bigger and better things.

He loves to "help" with chores.  If we are in the garage the first thing he goes for the is rake.  It's dragged behind him until it gets stuck on something followed by cries for freedom.  The kitchen broom is a wonder too apparently, along with the squeegee in the shower, the toilet brush in the bathroom, and the lint trap in the laundry room.  That about covers all the rooms right? :)

Apparently ears make great handles
As for me.  I've had some interesting and embarrassing feelings of downer comparison and doubt.  They don't last long, just enough to remind me simple joys don't always come naturally and some bliss must be captured and savored before it floats away.  It helps to be in the moment.  Breathe in James' energy, drown in his blue eyes, and melt in his soft, squishy skin.  I'm happiest when I recognize that fussy days, and the throw-all-the-food-on-the-floor game mean he is learning things.

So am I.

Favorite foods:
"tooos" (toast)
"bla" (milk, go figure there)
"aap" (whole apples, he can down them all the way to the core)

Monday, September 8, 2014