Thursday, October 30, 2014

Reflecting: Almost 18 Months of Motherhood

A new regular happening: I'm playing/feeding/scolding/loving James and I hear a baby sound, probably coming from outside or my imagination, and I subconsciously assume it's time to go get my other baby up from a nap...wait, what baby? It's just me and James!  Perhaps my subconscious is aware of just how unprepared I feel for baby boy #2 and is trying to ease me into motherhood x2.  I'll be honest, after days of table climbing, 4 outfit changes, messes made while I clean others, I begin to doubt how I'll ever have the energy or patience.  Then James wraps his chubby arms around my neck, puckers his ever so squishy lips and plants them on my face.  It's going to be okay.

I find it interesting, if I need to accomplish an impossible number of tasks in a day James is hard.  When our plans include leisurely meals, a trip to the park, and some lego time, he is an angel child!  Is this a cruel trick of Murphy's Law?  No, James isn't the one who changes.  Many of the exasperating stunts he pulls in the middle of crunch time would be down right adorable, camera worthy, and impressive in a moment when he had my undivided focus.  I mean come on, balancing on the edge of the guest bed with a picture frame in each hand and a mouth full of crayons?  That could be a circus act right there.  Or what about the push a chair to the counter to reach bowl of cold soup leftover from lunch trick?  A stroke of genius!

And I guess I can mention, it's harder to chase down that little monkey while perpetually carrying his little brother...I guess that's a given, but I forget these obvious details until I'm at their mercy.

Thought jump.

Did you know that toast is a great way to teach patience?  It is.  I didn't even do it on purpose.  James loves toast (who doesn't?)  but in order to make toast there is some waiting involved.  The first several times were pretty difficult for my little man.  He'd wail and protest the injustice of waiting for the blessed "POP."  Then slowly he started to understand.  Bread goes in, you wait a while, and toast comes out.  Now he tells me to wait for the "POP" and then listens intently.  Without fail, "POP!" "TOOS!"

This concept carries into other things too.  I've caught myself telling him to wait for other things to "POP."  It's a patience cue. The ability to wait is a skill we develop, not one that comes naturally.  There are a few things in my life I'm waiting for.  Big things.  I guess James and I are learning together.

I'll let you know when the toast pops.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

It's A Boy!

We are going to be a family of 4 in early Spring!  Ladies and Gents: It's a boy!

We are pretty stinkin' excited about it!

One boy is fun, but TWO little brother buddies!  I mean, come on. 

He is joining our family in March and we love him so much already!