Friday, November 14, 2014

We're moving!? What!

So, that was sudden!  What could have possibly possessed us to leave this adorable house, incredible ward, great job, and irreplaceable friends and neighbors?  We wondered the same thing for a while.  Call it a quarter life crisis, finding mojo, a new adventure, your pick.  Austin has discovered a passion for finance and we accepted a job as an account executive with Fisher Investments in Camas Washington.  Most of his family is right around the corner in Hawkinson and Federal Way.

We will miss everyone here more than we like to think about.  We planned to be here forever which means I let my heart get pretty attached.  To all the people who helped us pack, clean, and babysit, you are amazing.  Thanks for being my family away from family.

I did some growing up this year.  I feel a little wiser than I was when we arrived.  Not in a braggy way, but motherhood has tempered me a tad.  I'm learning to pace myself so there is still energy left at the end of the day.  Emphasis on learning

Speaking of bragging.  You know who else has changed this year? My husband.  The man I married was not as patient, diligent, tender, or attractive as the one I have by my side now.  He is really something.  He keeps rising to each challenge we are given.  When our family is presented with a dilemma these days he leads us straight to the source of wisdom and we receive peace.  

Happily, we are still attached at TruForce.  Austin will be working from Washington as a consultant for them; definitely one of the best silver linings that came in this roller coaster ride.  Austin works with such awesome people there it would have been tragic to leave that completely. 

There are so many exciting things to write about, but James is waking up from his nap, but here's a list: 

Our house in AZ already sold
Austin's sister Shawn is getting married this month
My mom is in France with her mom and cousin to celebrate her 50th birthday
James' little bro is healthy and growing
Washington is gorgeous
James is learning new words every day (doctor, ouch, dark, thank you, darn (that's my fault, I guess I say that more than I realized), prayer, scriptures, bath, bird, truck, etc)
My Beehives in Cortina are amazing
The people we are leaving left a deep lasting impression
Christ is our Savior and he brings comfort
God is in the details

We can do hard things

Thanks for the adventure. Now it's off to another one!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Be Bored, Not Boring

Boredom is important.  

This is a recent discovery of mine.  When I say boredom I'm talking about free mind time.  My body can be moving and engaged, but my mind is free to think.  

Even the busiest of people usually have at least a shower, car drive, and potty break for some good old fashioned thinking. If you anything like me, we get some of our best ideas at these times. 

However, I've noticed that my smart phone is starting to make my own personal think time boring by comparison.  I've started filling up as much of my down time as possible with the far more entertaining world my device opens up to me.  That time right before bed, while doing the dishes, James' nap time, at the park, during solo meals.  Times when my mind used to be free to wander and wonder.  Some of the time I'm consuming enriching, uplifting things, but let's be honest, most of it is simply passing time, infusing my mundane thoughts with cheap entertainment.  

If my own mind has become boring then perhaps it's time to eliminate the things preventing me from being an original and exciting thinker. When I was a little girl I used to run barefoot out to the backyard and sit in a corner of the yard and watch the grass grow.  At least I thought that is what I was doing.  If you watch a patch of grass intently you'll notice that the blades shift and move in random flicking motions.  I'm now more convinced that it's actually little insects burrowing or traveling through the grass that causes the "growing" movement I observed.  Little-girl-Tikla would watch the grass and let my imagination take me from grass to tiny mushroom-people villages, the new girl in class, how the pattern of bricks in the wall was created, to what would be sticky enough to attach a loft to my bedroom ceiling.  

Now I probably don't need to revisit the mushroom village or stare at the grass for extended periods of time, but I think little me can teach grown up me a lesson.  I need to relearn how to be entertained by my own thoughts. 

I first, I might have to opt for the more tedious route.  Journal writing, pondering, meditating, real studying and questioning actually take more work than pulling up a youtube clip, or flicking through endless facebook posts.  But, maybe, just maybe, if I keep it up, my mind will become an exciting place again.  Fraught with peril, loaded with truths, and maybe the occasional village of mushroom people.  

Here is the challenge I'm giving myself, you're welcome to join me. 

The Quiet Car Challenge: no music or radio. Conference talks and audio books are allowed, but at least sometimes, especially if I'm James-less just silence.  

TMI Alert! No Phone While you Go: it's pretty gross anyway so keep the electronics out of the bathroom.  

Charge in the Bedroom: I read, love, and sleep in that room, no bright screens are required.  My phone can charge while I get charged!

There we go.  Not too overwhelming!  Go be awesome my friends!