Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Reflecting: 19 Months of Motherhood

James do you want to go outside?

n huh!  (vigorous nodding) 

Nodding is cute.  

These days we have conversations.  Somehow his toddler brain is beginning to comprehend that something can happen first and then the desired outcome will follow.  We get our shoes on first and then go outside, shoes are suddenly of utmost importance because they get us closer to dirt and puddles and birds.  Bear and paci after teeth brushing, snack after we get home, etc.  "Cookies tomorrow" didn't go over so big last night, but hey baby steps right? :)

Within the last week he has discovered books.  Obviously they've been a part of his life before, but from a James perspective their uses included, stacking, throwing, pulling off the shelf, and boredom.  Now he has a favorite that he can read to himself ("bebe," "happy") and I've been hard pressed to convince him that Winnie the Pooh is not actually a puppy.

Nursery is a problem.  We tested the waters in AZ before we left and he seemed fine, but I overconfidently threw him in the WA nursery with an unceremonious wave and he was returned an hour later a much sadder little man.  Now the mention of the "n" word or the sight of unfamiliar toys has him clinging like barnacle.  *sigh*  Go figure, he isn't exactly what I'd call a shy little boy, but I'm soaking in all the cuddling and it's pay back for the snuggle resistant year and half we had before.

He's a helper.  Happiest when doing whatever I'm doing.  Switching laundry, making trips to the garbage can, "chopping" vegetables, buckling things, "fixing" things with his "tools."

I'm building him a cardboard play kitchen in the hopes that it will deter him from "cooking" on mommy's stove.  We'll see how that duct tape holds up.

Bedtime has never been a big problem for James, every once and a while he will put up a royal fuss, or have a teething tantrum, but in a turn of events he has learned that asking for things can postpone sleeping.  "song?" "change?" "eat?" "clothes?" "hug?" "blanket?" "socks?"  Asking for a song just about melted the whole world until it was just me and James in a field of daisies, but I'm going to be strong tonight.  You should see my determined brow.

Nap time is over and I haven't re-read any of this to make it more fun to read, but I will just post it for the sake of recording these special times.

Mom's are awesome guys!  We are totally rocking this whole making, teaching, and loving kids thing!  High fives all around!