Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Reflecting: Mother of 2 for Almost 3 Months

You know the feeling you have in school when any free time you take for yourself technically could be used for more study or homework?  Motherhood feels a little bit that way.  Right now both boys are asleep and I could be doing dishes, folding laundry, creating fun homemade activities for James, meal planning, showering all of which would make me more prepared for life when they wake up again in a few short minutes.  However, just as I did as a student, I'm claiming this time as my own for some reflecting.  


Oh Isaac, my beautiful, snuggly, happy baby. He is so strong and healthy. He LOVES sleeping on his tummy which makes for a super strong neck, but unlike James he never uses his strength to launch himself toward the ground while I'm holding him on my shoulder.  In fact I've managed to undress James for a bath, sat him on the potty, wiped, chased him down after he escaped the bathroom and plopped him in the tub all while Isaac clung to my shoulder.  It's not a death grip, just a sweet little clasp on my sweater or neck. 

His world can be so chaotic.  I remember when bumping James' carseat too hard while clicking it into the car could ruin my whole day.  Isaac lives in almost constant noise unless big brother is asleep.  It feels like it's been way longer than three months. 


James turned two and is suddenly speaking in complete sentences.  "I dropped me" (after falling down) "I love you too" and "I eat it, yummy good!" being a few of my favorites.  

I showed him how to clean crayon off the walls with a mild soap solution in a spray bottle.  I was feeling pretty good about teaching him consequences.  I went to check on him after it took a suspiciously long time to put the dirty rag into the laundry room and got an eye full of stain remover.  Note to self: James can reach the top of the dryer.  

He is into books, be still my heart, and I'll sometimes find him snuggled on the couch with the Hungry Little Caterpillar talking about oranges and an egg on a leaf.