Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Go Fail Today!

I watch Isaac pull himself up and fall down over and over again.  Often he hurts himself.  When he does it's usually right on the face.  I watch in wonder as he picks himself up again and again and keeps trying.  It's it really worth all of that? Shouldn't he want to take a break for a day or something and come back to it later? If I were a baby right now isn't that what I'd do?

Then it hit me.  I'm failing all the time.

Like a LOT.

Everyday, every hour, I am straight up, fall on my face failing every minute.  Yet, I'm still trying.  I know I'm still trying, because the only way to fail is to try.  For example, I've never failed at computer coding, because I haven't tried it yet.  I have failed many times at scripture reading, keeping a clean home, crafting, parenting, cooking, praying, song writing, and yes, even now and then, I fail once more just trying to walk.

Everyone of those fails was once a try, and usually it turns into another try.

The only way to stop failing is to stop trying because if you never tried to begin with, you haven't failed.

I know I've heard this one a gazillion times, but today it was my epiphagin.  (An epiphany that you've had before and then have again: epiphagin. I coined that one. :)

The End.