Monday, July 13, 2015

Reflecting: Mother of 2 for Almost 5 Months

"Mommy!!  I awake!!  I sleep-ed!"

It's always with a tone of surprise.  Well what do you know!  you're awake!

Then with perfect memory he reminds me of the activity I promised before he went down for a nap.  "Play a Ashley's house?" "go a swimming?" "make some play dough?"

Oh yes, and the latest, "buy some?" when we are out of a favorite food is classic.

These days he is known as James "The negotiator" Fife.  (pointing to the clock) "five more minutes, okay, five more minutes."  "one more then all done." (squinty-can't-resist-that-face, face)"have a tiny one?"  Sometimes after I've explained why he can't do ____ activity.  He will get really animated with his hands, rattle off some complete gibberish and then say, "okay?" and head off for the prohibited activity.

He is SLOWLY learning how to be soft and still interact with Isaac.  Baby steps my friends.  We've gone from attempted body slams and constant bonking to the occasional freak out kick him in the head moments and stealing his pacifier.  He tried to take him out of his swing the other week and dropped Isaac onto a pile of legos.  sigh.  Mom's weren't given 8 arms and detachable surveillance eyes so this must just come with the second child territory.  That poor little buddy.  Note James' bunny ear antics below...

Speaking of that cutie chub, he is getting a personality folks!  A super cute one at that.  Even his pouting is expressive.  He looks at me with a face that says, I don't like this mom!  You understand right?  You're going to make it all better, thanks mom, yup, I just wanted to be right here in your arms where it's safe and I can see the world, and everything is good. You doubt me, but I'm telling you he says it with his deliberate pouty bottom lip and arms and fists that grab on oh so tightly.

So much of the time he is smiling.  Just grinning ear to ear and then burying his face into the nearest surface only to pop back up again with his smile unchanged.

I'm improving in so many ways.  Most of the time it can't be seen because as I'm improving the tasks are getting more difficult.  The expression, "cleaning a house with kids in it is like brushing your teeth while eating an oreo" couldn't be more true.  Unfortunately, cleaning a house with just Tikla in it is a little oreo-tastic, so it's been a struggle.

It's funny, when James was a baby everything felt like it would last forever.  The good and the bad.  When he was fussy, I felt like I would never sleep again.  On the flip side it was as if his thighs would always be chubby and his kisses drooling.  Now I know better.  I'll sleep again.  Nursing gets easier.  I'll be able to do things with two hands someday.  I also know those middle of the night feedings are fleeting, his needs will become more complicated, his tiny body will grow into a little boy.  So I'm savoring more.

A few favorite phrases from James: (how's that for an alteration?)

"Ooops!  I dropped me."
"Isaac awake!"
"Mommy get it."
"Go a door? buy some?"
"Mommy, Daddy, Isaac, James, a family!"
"Play a nursery? toys? fruit snacks?"
"Eat some chex a breakfast"
"stay here"

Other notes: James can't keep his shoes on to save his life, I pull slivers out of his feet almost nightly.  THROWING, EVERYTHING, ALWAYS.  Rocks at cars, cars at Isaac, Isaac at the ground.  It's a problem, but he is going to make one heck of an athlete.  Yell/singing at the store is a regular thing.  I'm talking the whole store is wondering what's up and strangers start laughing.  That kind of yell/singing.  He still loves his pacifier.  I should really do something about that...  and his silky (a random peach colored satin pillow case he found and became attached to.)
He is fully potty trained for #2.  When he goes any number he gets 2 M&Ms.  Pretty soon we will go for completely trained, but for now I don't mind letting him run the show.

Isaac has a pretty quick cycle through sleep, eat, play.  Short naps, short feedings, short playtime before becoming exhausted again.   He loves "horsey," watching daddy work, blowing bubbles, being held nice and close.  He nurses best right after waking when he is still a little sleepy, otherwise he is too distracted by the interesting world.

This post wouldn't be complete without a paragraph for Austin.  Oh, but where do I begin?  He is something else.  I never expected to be so emotional watching him teach a FHE lesson, or bounce our baby while explaining the consequences for biting to our toddler.  He is taking it all in stride.  He is happy in the midst of our chaos and it's inspiring to watch.  He is my rescuer, my teammate, my problem solver, and my very best friend.  Little-Miss-jimmy-rig and Mr. do-it-right-the-first-time are building a family and it's pretty fun.