Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Reflecting: Almost 6 Months of Motherhood

"Yummy, good.  A lishious" I come into his bedroom to find James stringing an entire roll's length of floss through his teeth.  Apparently that minty fresh flavor was just too good to pass up.

New words, so many new words.  Hilarious and wise and everything in between.  A few gems include,

"Boom baby" after we had picked up all the toys in his room.

Singing along with the church hymns replacing each word with "DINOSAUR!"

Then tender moment when he sang most of the words to I Love to See the Temple at Family Home Evening.

Making up words, "have some goo-ja a dinner?" you got it buddy.

In the car Austin will often turn to me when we arrive and ask, "who do you want?" and I'll answer either James or Isaac.  Lately James will answer the question by saying, "mommy get a James!" (be still my heart.)

 The best one of all.  I have had a couple mommy melt downs when James comes over and says, "mommy sad? Daddy help mommy be happy?  Get daddy a fix mommy?"  Oh how true it is.  Daddy can fix everything.

I think Isaac is teething. Maybe not, but it makes it easier to be patient with his crabbiness if I think he is. ;)  Funny how that is.  If there is a reason it's easier to put up with. 

And it got late...and I'm tired.  So that's all for tonight.  Here are some cute pictures and I'm off to sleep.  TO BE CONTINUED