Thursday, March 10, 2016

Reflecting: 1 year as...zzzzzzzzz oh! what? right. a mother of 2

Whew.  The last few weeks have been rough.

Sick boys
More teething
No sleep for anyone
so much Whining!

I stole a moment today while Austin wrestled the boys to ask myself some hard questions.  Here's what I learned.

It doesn't matter if my boys are hard or easy or normal compared to the general population of children.
They are hard for me.
and. that's. okay.

I am good at a lot of things, even when I can't remember what any of them are.

A full night sleep does more good than all the chocolate in the world.

This won't be forever. Eventually all four of those enormous bumps on Isaac's gums will be sharp little baby teeth.  Eventually we will stop plowing through tissue boxes.  Eventually I will put my head on the pillow at 10 and wake up at 7.

In other news, Isaac turned 1!  And he's a big fan of cupcakes.

It's been a big year for this little buddy.

He loves carbs and dairy, but you'd never know it because he is tiny. Tall and lean.
He loves his brother.  So much.  He takes a while to wake up in the morning, but as soon as he sees James or even the mention of James' name makes him perk up, ready to go.

James is much softer these days, but he still struggles to keep his wits about him when Isaac comes in to destroy the tower, car line up, or card game James has going on.  Sometimes even if Isaac is occupied on the opposite side of the room James will cry out, "Isaac's getting me!!"

Is it weird that I'm excited for the day when Isaac fights back a little? It's getting exhausting protecting him for the antics of his brother.  James is still so innocently honest about it though.

"James what happened to Isaac?"

"Oh, I just hammered his head."
"I just pushed him off the couch"
"I 'macked him on a window."
"I just jumped on him."


That being said, when they do play nicely it is absolutely heaven.

Isaac has started to offer to share his milk, "talk on the phone" with random toys and call out in adorable gibberish for peoples attention.  When wronged, he will come walking my direction head thrown back in despair, chest forward, arms extended.  It's dramatic to be sure, but also a little off balance which means he will usually fall over before he makes it to me.

James has lost some of his stranger danger and 5 minute warm up shyness.  He's more bold from the start.  His new favorite word, "what?"  after I say ANYTHING. 

Isaac LOVES being outside, on rainy days he will come over to the sliding glass door and press his forehead to the glass and stare out longingly. 

One last thought.

I could take almost any daily sequence of events and turn it into a tragically hilarious blog post. Tales of grocery store escapades where one is screaming and the other is waving to everyone, milk spilled onto already burned meals, potty accidents on freshly shampooed carpets, mud and smearing, tears and pillow punching, attempting to leave the house only to spend hours cleaning up messes and putting clothes and shoes back on to squirmy kids, grabbing last second snacks while the house plant is uprooted and transplanted into the car seat. Forgetting the snacks and then arriving home with everyone too hungry to sleep and too tired to eat.  It's the new normal. It's stretching me. I heard a quote recently, "There is no growth in a comfort zone and there is no comfort in a growth zone." I couldn't have picked a more perfect way to grow.  

g'night all.