Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Reflecting: Mother of Two for 11 Months

I keep trying to post.  A mom post, about everything my boys are doing right now at ages almost 1 and almost 3.

And then I don't, because they are just so cute right now.
They are maddening, they test my patience past the limit every day, but they are SO adorable.
Every time I sit down to write I get overwhelmed because I can't possible capture, for future reference, the fun of right now.

I wish I could just set up a camera in the living room to record every single giggle. Every train built of assorted toys, every squealing hug Isaac gives his little white bear... the jumping, the begging for more songs, the discoveries, the almost walking, the negotiating, the muffin making, the talking and talking and talking and talking.  Even the interrupted phone calls and sound of that darn firetruck toy that is going to mysteriously disappear any day now.

But I can't. I mean technically I could. but I won't, because even if I did it wouldn't be the same.  The touch of those chubby baby hands and the intense, innocent toddler gaze could never fully be captured.  I just have to trust that if I really LIVE these moments.  Somehow, when memory is as perfect as resurrection, I'll have them to look back on.

Motherhood is wanting to laugh and cry at the same time.

It's having James sweetly offer a tissue when I'm crying, then taking the tissue and jamming it into my eye, rubbing wet mascara into my eyeball.

It's his enthusiastic offer to snuggle followed by his huge, hard head bonked right on my nose.

It's making cookies together with an extra scoop of salt, both toddler arms elbow deep in flour, and a really wet sneeze thrown in for good measure.

It's James "accidentally" tickling Isaac awake from a nap.

It's discovering that yelling doesn't work, but apologies help.

It's ripped library books and misplaced debit cards.

It's two hands on the sides of my face and a voice that says "wook a me mommy."

It's the smell of victory in the potty and despair on the carpet.

It's listening to daddy and James sing "the wise man built his house upon a rock"

It's searching in the dark for pacifiers wedged between the wall and the mattress.

It's rock, paper, scissors to decide who gets to change the stinky diaper.

It's deep blue baby eyes and scratching fingernails, overdue for a trim.

It's Issac's bouncing laugh as he scrabbles over to join the big boy wrestling.

it's two nudey bums in the tub, puddles on the bathroom floor, and "don't drink the bathwater."

It's all of that, and so much more that doesn't fit in words or pictures.

James is so good.
He loves his brother so much.  Nearly every time I take Isaac away for a nap James insists, "see he's not sad! Isaac no take a nap!"  After a scary trip to the ER because Isaac aspirated pieces of a *cashew, James has taken to breaking up Issac's finger food into even smaller bites insisting that they are "wary chokey" (*very)

James' voice would fit right in on an episode of the muppets.  Sometimes there is this southern drawl thrown in for good measure that makes everything all the more funny.  Boy does he love to talk.  He will ask me to sit on the couch with him, take a deep breath and say, "so!  Let's talk about sings!" (things) and we will just talk and talk and talk.

Things James says:

"Isaac's wary sad, I un help him."

"Isaac's a happy now!"

"Let's do dis sing!" (let's do this thing!)

"You are da man!"

"yeah, bayba!

"Okay, let's go!"

"Uh make some muffins mommy? James a dump the flour in it?"

"dooon't get me!" (sneaky face)

"Don't do dat mommy, daddy a be soooo saaaayad." (*sad)

"I'm just workin', work, work."

"I need to go to nursery, nursery is a my favorite."

"okaaay! Let's do dis sing!"

Just in the last few weeks he has started to pick up on things Austin and I say to each other, and then inserts himself into the conversation.  "What you say a me, mommy?" "What you talkin' about?" "I a go too?"

Isaac, oh my darling Isaac. Where do I begin.  He is such a good baby.  His perfect little lips and his often surprised eyes.

He is used to James now.  He rolls with the punches (literally.) He get's excited to see us and wants to be right in the middle of the action.  Naps haven't been perfectly synced lately and if Isaac is up while James is sleeping it's not uncommon for Isaac to sneak into James' room and smack his face.  James has politely requested that I stop him from doing that.  Ha, I do my best my dear.

He waves hello, claps his hands, says da da and yay.  He has forgotten how to say mama, but I'll forgive him.

After 11 months of "teething" Isaac slept through the night for two nights in a row, then he popped out his first tooth.

He is TINY for his age, but I think a growth spurt is on the horizon because he has been scarfing down food for the last few days.

He isn't officially walking, but he's taken a few steps on his own and climbs up on everything.

I think the most classic Isaac thing right now is when he throws his head back in a silent laugh and silly open mouthed grin.  Like he just can't contain his happiness and needs to shout it to the world.

*the cashew was not fed to him by me.  Lest anyone was feeling judgey.