Once Upon A Time...

Tikla's Version

Feb 7th, 2009 Austin and I had made plans to ride together to the temple for Endowments (Austin) and Baptisms (Me).  I was dressed up cute and ready when my phone started vibrating. "The love of my life" was calling. I answered and he explained that he was going to be home later than expected from work. I was disappointed, but I was excited when he suggested we drive up to the Timpanogos temple instead for a stroll around the grounds.

He looked dashing as always when he came to pick me up. I didn't think anything was out of the ordinary when he explained we would be taking Nick's jeep. He opened my door, and off we went; chatting about whatever and nothing and everything. The temple glowed in the darkness. I suspected nothing. We headed around to the back of the temple. As we walked hand in hand through the arches that marked the entrance to the temple, I couldn't help thinking about what it would be like to walk down that same place dressed in white, sealed eternally the to this incredible man. As we meandered down the side of the temple I admired the stained glass windows and decided once again that this must be my favorite temple. We rounded to the back of the temple and paused. Austin kissed me gently and we held each other for a moment. Stepping back a little he pointed something out up on the temple. I turned away from him to look up.  I felt him pull away so  I turned back toward him.  He was down on one knee. In his hands was a little black box with my great-grandmother's heirloom diamond ring glittering inside.

"Tikla, will you marry me for time and all eternity?"

Picture of Our First Kiss Date
My heart stopped. My hands flew up to my mouth and I inhaled so sharply you'd think I'd sucked my fingers to my face. I must have stood their for 5 minutes before I could unthaw enough to move. When I did though, look out world!

"YES!" I strangled Austin. He picked me up and twirled me around. I took turns spazzing out, laughing, crying, and holding him as tight as I could for the next few minutes. He slipped the ring onto my left ring finger. Our excitement far outshone the glitter of the ring.

We stayed there being engaged and cute for a while longer. Then he escorted me back to the car. Instead of opening my door, however, he opened the back hatch of Nick's jeep. Rose petals were scattered all over the inside. A single whitish, pinkish, orangeish rose lay in the middle next to the black leather journal I'd given him for Christmas. He handed me the rose and we both sat in the back of the car while he opened his journal to the date when he had received his confirmation from the Lord that asking me to marry him was the right thing to do. As we say in my family, I "happy cried..."

Skype Picture right after Austin Proposed
We drove home and Skyped my family and his family. I couldn't sleep that night. All I could think about was how amazing Austin was and how I was the luckiest woman in the world. I knew that by marrying Austin I would be the happiest woman in the world. I love him with all of my heart and can't, and won't, wait to try my hardest to deserve him.

Austin's Version

After a lot of thought and meditation we both decided at the beginning of January that we wanted to start praying about the issue of marriage. I had my mind made up that Tikla is absolutely perfect for me and despite my imperfections, I for her. We set out a plan. When, where, why, how etc. After a couple days of planning and discussing we metaphorically parted our own ways to start praying about marriage.

I had a surprising hard time (especially for those of you who know tikla!). However I tried to be worthy and diligent in my lifestyle and prayers.

Finally it came. January 24th in sacrament meeting my mind felt so completely clear and I received a clear, God-inspired answered. After that meeting I had some concerns about some temporal issues like housing and engagement rings but I felt confident that God would provide a way.
I decided that the following Saturday I would call Brother Brown and ask for his permission to marry his daughter. No luck! He was sick! Okay…Hmmm. Back to square one. So over the next few days I continued tried calling and hit roadblock after roadblock. Finally Wednesday I was determined to talk to him without giving it away to Tikla what was going on. NO LUCK! We had a great game of telephone tag but no serious conversations.

Thursday I woke up a little under the weather. After class I came home, prepared lunch and took a quick nap. For some random reason I decided to check the mail (not my custom). I looked inside and it was my day! I had like 3 letters! Then I noticed in the back of the mailbox a small package from Saipan. Surely enough it was from Tikla’s parents. On the customs form on the back it said, “Gift”. Hmmm, a little late for Christmas but it was a nice gesture.

Christmas when I met his Family for the First Time
I went to my room and opened up the little box they sent me. Inside was some weird looking Korean coin pocket or something and a note. I thought, “Hmmm, this must be an oriental thing?” I read the letter and my jaw dropped. There inside of the pocket was Tikla’s heirloom ring that she had inherited from both her great grandmother’s. The ring was just gorgeous (you may visit Tikla to see it!).

My heart began to race. I had an answer and now I had a ring. What I thought might occur a couple months down the road was now close.

I called the Brown’s that night. We all had a good laugh because I had been trying to get a hold of them for 5 days. So I guess as far as Brother Brown’s permission I had my answer! Nevertheless I asked him that night for his blessing and permission to marry his daughter. We had a great conversation and later with Sister Brown too.

I then began planning the proposal. I was thinking maybe in a couple weeks. However long story short I was on my way home from work on Saturday and I had this overwhelming feeling that I should do it that very night. “What??!!” I thought. Am I crazy? It was so last minute, so not planned! But it felt perfect so I got home, showered and got everything ready.

I told Tikla that we wouldn’t be able to go to the temple like we had planned but we could instead go to the Timp. Temple and walk around. She was disappointed but excited to go to Timp.
I tried to stay as casual as possible. We walked around the front and chatted casually and eventually made it inside to the waiting room. We got a drink of water and admired a picture of the Savior and the atonement.

We walked outside with the intent to walk toward the back. Oh boy my heart was really going by this time. Once we reached the back I simply held her and we talked. Subtly I stepped back and let go of her hand. I pointed at Moroni to get her to have her back toward me.
When Tikla turned around I was on one knee with a little black box in my hand. I opened it up and I asked her to marry me.

To sum up Tikla’s reaction, let me just say that she “FREAKED OUT”. First she threw her hands over her mouth as if all oxygen had disappeared. Then she cried a little. Then she screamed. Then she jumped up and down. Finally she said YES! I got up and embraced her with the most joy I have ever felt. I of course asked her jokingly, “So was that a yes?”

Tikla and I are so excited for the future. It will be wonderful, miserable, bliss, painful and everything else that comes with important eternal decisions. I absolutely love her!